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Gottogo history. Can you guys help me out2361

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How did gottogo started?. Sometimes small things could convert into something big said Yamilette Ramirez Founder of Gottogo.
The ideal was always there, Helping others and try to find a way to accomplished. Ms ramirez discover the way to help others Tuesday February 2017, How.? Or how everything started.?well.
I was release from my previous job and , I really didn't see myself nowhere. I was lost, I thought that was the end of the rode for me. Being at the age of 25 almost going to 26 and not being able to decide of what i wanted.
I needed $$$ to pay my bills. I started asking friends around if they ever needed a taxi or they request this popular s appts like uber,lyft to let me know I was really in need and by them requesting my service was a big help. Turns out does friends didn't see nothing in my idea but why? Because they thought it was impossible!!! But forgot that the impossible is always possible!. With that being set I came up with the idea of private drivers for you.

I grabbed things from my past and put them to work.
I started thinking about my work experience in the past and how many times I pass to rough times and all the marathons I did from my house to work and from work to my house for not having enough money to go in the bus. I really left my past drag me down I thought I wasn't good enough.why I'm giving you a little bit taste of me?

Well because that's how my idea came in GOTTOGO. My idea is helping all does hard working people who wake up 2,3,4 hours early to go to work ,what if I could make it a little bit more comfortable and Gottogo is the only private company who could take all does people to work and bring them back?
why do people that work hard and actually try to make something out of them can't get a better treat.?
Gottogo will be coming soon, I just want my company to be the first company through time that gives and receive a little bit of return. and it really doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. I was there once and is nothing good working a 16 hour shift and missed the bus.! Or come out of work and not even being able to sit down or perhaps that one driver who you will never forget that you let him/her put you down.Why do you only have to enjoy comfort and best customer service if you have money?
I have all my life though about helping others and honestly it has help me a lot now i see things different and nothing would've happened if that day i got release from my previous job would had not happened. Helping others has been always my main goal and through time i have accomplished them.

“everything we do starts from you.”

This new project is not for me to win billions not really and not necessary but what if i could make life easy to does who work hard for?everything is possible and i believe in god. Some people might reject but it's okay i will show all of them i have actually created new transportation for everyone!.
How will i make it happen?
By giving a little more and receiving a little less.
I want this company not just to be a transportation , I want to prove to does who work hard to get up and have that push, I have started my company february 9 2017 , started with 3 clients and only me as a driver. I was really going for it and there were people who told me to look for a job because what i was doing it was waste of time. But what if i could change that? Always follow your dream! Don't let no one put you down and best believe everything you do will be good!

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I couldn't work out what it was you wanted us to help you out with - I only saw rhetorical questions, did I miss something?
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I know I'm sorry I though I wrote it down,we'll see I just want an opinion if the company needs more help or you could see the main vision in there
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What does the company do/ provide exactly?
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@Gottogo17 Are you trying to segregate the LGBT community(Teens) in the Spanish language?
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If I may; your company vision is helping others by giving back something they need... Like transportation. Your services will provide rides to people on off hours when there's no bus service to and from work.

The name of your company is quite unusual, and highly affected if you marketing it in the right Metro areas.

So my question to you is how are you planning on branding your vision. What things do you have in place to promote Gottogo vision.

Will you tap into the LBGT community?

By the way; I am an community member myself, so I think it is a excellent idea.

And finally; will you hirer more drivers?

You have great ideas, but you need to define your purpose a little more and dig deeper into branding your message.

Sweet Tee
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