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What a great forum!2360

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Hello everyone,

I found out about Bill's forum through Twitter. My name is Sweet Tee. I am excited about being here, I recently started a new blog site:

clickable text

I would love some feedback.

About two years ago, I started working on my friends jewelry blog and I simply fell in love with marketing. I started a company called Freedom Seekers empowering others to join the laptop lifestyle. I helped promote her products through building a blog website and almost about six months ago I decide to start my own blog.

My blog helps beginners start making money through affiliate marketing. I share helpful tips on how to get started if you're new to this lifestyle. I am trying to improve my site everyday and I welcome any suggestions anyone might have to improve.

One of the toughest things that I find is how to promote traffic. I am also looking to monetize my site through Amazon and Google AdSense.

Thank you for the invitation to join this wonderful group.

Sweet Tee
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It's a good beginning. Having a website is certainly better than not having one. Your posts are topical and informative. You have lots of related images. All of that is good.

You are, however, making a number of beginner mistakes that may harm both your organic traffic development and your position of authority in your niche.

You've come to the right place to sort this stuff out. If you are interested in doing it quickly and soundly, I highly recommend you join, and participate regularly in, the classroom. Here's the info:

Seven Real Benefits To Upgrading To Student

I'm one of the instructors in the classroom. I, and several of my associates there, will help you put the pieces together for the best results.
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