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Hello my name is yamila ramirez I am 25 years old and here I'm leaving my bio to some it might help and hopefully it does.i was born in the heart of Los Angeles ca 1991 through out my good and bad experience I am the person I am today. I speak English Spanish,French,Italian, and some Arabic.i honestly thought I was going to a career of languages and culture. Had rough times in the pass and never took advantage of does times. Always did what I wanted until one day! They always said once you fall is on you if you keep doing the same and change your true.i wish I could tell you my whole bio trust me I have pretty interesting things for some might learn from my lesson. I am actually greating my own transportation company and it has not been easy at all! All does mistakes and irresponsible decisions now are here paying back time for me. I only have 2months with my transportation company and best believe my car has been town and just hit so long ago I got pull over by the cops and I was going to quit my dream in helping people out I have pass through hell to succee I'm in the journey to help and learn from it. Don't let you pass drag you and if your in the good path please pick up all the advice and trust me you will succeed I haven't open my company yet doesn't mean I have t succeed in life just by admitting that I was wrong and I didn't to look for a solution is all it took me to feel not completely but ready for a new bigging unstoppable. You become a new person once you realize you are not happy and want to actually follow your dream don't let no one tell, you that your dream is not big enough follow your dream and through life you will learn from it
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I pray that you will find a rewarding and profitable future, and share your success with many warm friends.
God Bless
In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
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