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Is Email marketing effective for B2B company2328

Member Kanishk private msg quote post Address this user

I am promoting our B2B product in various ways. But I am quite confused with whether to go for email marketing first or social media marketing or search engine optimization.

any suggestion from experts?

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Member zsazsa private msg quote post Address this user
First I would really like to know what is B2B?
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Member kazu private msg quote post Address this user
@Zsazsa: 'Business to business', as opposed to 'business to customer' - btw, is that a Hungarian name?

@Kanishk - as always, it depends on your industry, but I see no reason not to do all three.

Facebook ads are cheap, so you can get a good amount of initial traffic to your site, and if you have some high-level content about your industry (White-papers, case studies, etc.), you can create a funnel. Also, Facebook has some great targeting options (As does Linkedin, but Linkedin ads are pretty expensive compared to Facebook).

SEO is great if it's done properly, but it is time consuming (and slow to show the benefit). But again, if it's done properly, it will get you loads of traffic, and hopefully sales.

I don't really have experience with email marketing other than for content promotion - but that works.

Why not a combined approach?
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Member zsazsa private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks! I could have figured! Never mind. Yes it is a ungarian name.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

Whatever you do, individually or combined, be sure you have your website at the heart of it. It's a platform for information, funnel(s), downloads, videos, etc. Whatever outreach you engage in, draw back to your website. And, since you are doing that, a significant content development approach is your fastest way to bring organic traffic through search.

Remember how you are found online, and put your efforts where they will generate the best results.

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