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Has anyone had any real success with online affiliate marketing? Looking for a way to make "multiple streams of income" with minimum financial investment (although I am willing and able to make significant investments with time and attention).

The digital space is familiar and comfortable territory for me, but all the advice and information I have gotten about making money online is commercially tainted and geared towards selling affiliate systems or programs and after my 3rd free webinar tonight they all seem the same. They seem to be reiterations of a million other get money quick schemes I have heard explorwd but never succumbed to. They will never get my money...

I feel I would be willing to make small financial investments (in addition to what I will be doing with the Bill Belew training) if I know that something is going to work. I have nothing to lose, I am eating rice and beans at present, still holding on to hope, and know how to work damn hard! Don't know how to work smart enough, yet. I am grateful for what I do have! Yet, empty. Prosperity, financial independence and stability, everything that money can buy, would help my world turn more smoothly.

What are your experiences? Does affiliate marketing work? What has worked for you?
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Member kscare1 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Lunar_Ranger.

Get with David Perdew. He is from the old guard when Affiliate Marketing was biting it's teeth. What he shows you works and he has the relationships, and social proof behind him without breaking the bank.

Look up also Mark Hendricks and Ken McArthur and you will see these were the integrity personalities back in the day
and to some degree still are though they have moved on from straight affiliate marketing.

Here is a little about nams, which I watch David create, build and share. He is a really sincere and genuine human being.

Just so you know Brendan Burchard cut his teeth in this group of seasoned digital marketers,
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Member lunar_ranger private msg quote post Address this user
@kscare1 Thank you. There were a few names dropped, but you have given me a good place to start!
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Member zsazsa private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, I find that people do not succeed because they look at life in boxes. There is a financial life, there is a love life and personal life etc... and somehow the real meaning of it drops down to the abyss. Life is a whole and first of all one needs to understand the Self. There are also people who are not cut out to be affiliates. I also think that you need to be at the right place at the right time. That is what we call luck. So keep on doing. Not trying.
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Member Magpie private msg quote post Address this user

Get involved with the right business and if you work, it will work. That's the bottom line.

I have found that it works. Slow and steady is the name of the game.

It's not overnight riches for sure. Once set, though, it does pay well.

Mindset is important here as well.

There are ups and downs like any other business one would be involved with.

Great low cost business start ups with brilliant support and training with the right company.

Good luck!
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Member kazu private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with @Magpie, I've worked on a number of affiliate sites, and have a client now who's making big money from selling just one item.

It takes dedication, but there's no reason for it not to work. There's only really two important factors that bring in money from an affiliate site: Traffic and conversion rate. If you know your niche, and can make authoritative content, build links, grow your audience, etc. then you'll get the traffic, and if you have an item/ product that people want, it will convert.

Of course, you need to consider the product you're selling, and what % you'll get, will it be recurring, etc. So non-tangible things (Software, SaaS, etc) can be a great choice as you can often get a high % of the sales price, and sometimes recurring for the customer lifetime.

If your site is good, you can make a ton of money.
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Member kazu private msg quote post Address this user
Incidentally, I'm working on an affiliate site project of my own right now - partnering with a friend of mine who's a brilliant WordPress developer.

We're targeting a highly competitive niche and aiming to create an authority site from scratch, on a brand new domain with 0 backlinks to begin with. Neither of us are experts in the field, but I'll be using the processes I've learnt to research appropriate content that will generate traffic (using an SEO perspective).

It's early days now, just got one piece of content ready, and will be creating a few more as the developer is making the site, hoping to go live within the next 6-8 weeks.

Will post updates as we progress
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

I have done quite a bit of work with affiliate marketing, both for myself and a number of clients. I earn my entire living online -- have done so for the past 14 years or so -- and affiliate marketing factors into that.

There is good advice above, but it is a complex subject where one size does not fit all. We can speak privately about specifics, or you can join the classroom and ask any questions there. I, and any other teachers there, will give you detailed information as it relates to your questions.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user

Regardless of who or what affiliate link you use, if no one finds your site you won't make any money.

I know you have to have a solid, well-populated blog to get real organic traffic to your site. Once your blog has great quality posts then Google will start sending people to it. Only then will they click on your links.

Otherwise how are people going to find you and make your affiliate links work?

If you pay advertising to draw people to your site you'll end up losing money.

I have done this with My Puppy Club, and it is really gaining traction. Also, companies are now paying me to have their articles published on this site.

All because I populated the blog with a lot of great articles.

I agree with @Rev , we teachers can show you how to do all of this and more in the classroom
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