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Niche blogging skills for telemarketers2326

Member Roz private msg quote post Address this user
Glad to be here with you on Bill Belew's Blog!

I looked over a few of the posts and there is quite a corucopia of different people here. Highly say the least. I think I will like it here.

I'm into telemarketing resources and service sales. I work with MikeG as a Founding member at the ICANetwork. I also inform and educate people on niche blogging skills.

Looking forward to the webinar meeting and meeting more people.

Thanks for your interest and make it a great day!

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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

Welcome Roz.

What do you mean by niche marketing skills? Curious to know.
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Member Roz private msg quote post Address this user
Niche BLOGGING skills is what I said I think. I distribute lots of information on the web about blogging, how to find a profitabe and timely niche, how to attract and retain readership and other details about niche blogging.

Thanks kindly for the welcome.

Warm regards,
Rosalind Lund
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Member Roz private msg quote post Address this user
I almost forgot. My Blog is "Smartphone Marketing Trends Forum" I think it probably needs a few tweaks. It's only about a month old and I'm NOT an expert on blogging. Learning along with my list readership on blogs and how to start them.

Thanks again Bill for the nice welcome. Hope this quells your curiosity some. Nice to be here. Looking forward to learning lots more here.

Rosalind Lund
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

I had a look at your website and, I see you already have some good information posted. You are over the hump of getting the site itself in place. That's awesome, and the stumbling block that holds many people back. You've successfully turned it into a stepping stone leading your way forward.

Your website does suffer from some significant issues that are limiting your exposure and/or keeping you from being found in search. These include design, presentation, content, and SEO issues, which is not uncommon for a relatively new site.

You may want to get these issues fixed as soon as possible so your good efforts are not going to waste. Since you are telling people in your content how they should do many of these things, also showing them by example may be a good way to support, and enhance, the content you are sharing.

Your website could be, and should be, the corner stone and foundation of your online presence.
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