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How to Get More Leads Through Interviews2292

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Congratulations! You just got yourself an opportunity to be on a podcast or guest post. You may be quite impressed that you now have the chance to talk about your area of specialization or about your book but you have not considered any major points that you want to share. What then can you do to turn your audience into leads during your interview? Read on padowan!

The feeling with most people that get interviewed is that they expect their audience to respond and get their offers whenever they speak. Same thing goes for books. Nowadays, people have become smarter than back in the past. They don’t just want to listen to your speech, they are looking for whom to like and trust before they can do business with you. They are not ready for a one-time experience.

If you are sought after for an interview, you need to ask your interviewer about something you can offer his or her audience. Is there anything of value that can be beneficial to the listening audience? You need to offer them something for free! It might be surprising to you why it must be free since your aim is to make money. The reason for doing this is to gain their trust. If you offer something at a cost for the first time without gaining their trust, it’s like jumping to bed with someone you met for the first time. You may have a good time, but it wouldn’t translate to a lasting relationship. You may need to ask yourself what is at your disposal that you can give out in return for their email address.

If you are a business person, your free gift can be tied to your business or book. If you write friction, you can give out something in line with your story. From either angle, the free gift must have an opt-in order for you to build a list. This way, you can turn your host’s audience to your own fans. As soon as they get on your list, you can easily reach them and keep informed, enlightened while serving them with updates about your events and upcoming launches etc.

The easiest way to do this? Texting. Have a text number ready that is easy for the audience to take out their phones and opt-in for that free gift on the spot! Here is one I use in all of my interviews and speaking engagements. Try it and see how easy it is! Text the word “sendtheguide” to 44222. What I love about doing this is that I no longer have sign-in sheets and scraps of paper lying around my office with email addresses. The people who opt- in go straight into my list!

You can build a rapid list of fans by simply getting an interview or speaking gig!
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@Winsome1 Is the texting service a paid service? What service do you recommend?
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Awesome material here. Thanks for sharing.
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