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The biggest reasons why paid ads don't work are because the ad buyer doesn't know what s/he is doing, and they don't go in deep enough or stay at it long enough.

They will spend $10/day for 2 weeks (or some such number) and not see any results. Facebook and Adwords thanks you for your support.

If you have deep enough pockets, you can A, B, C test ads at Facebook until you figure out what converts = brings money in at a higher rate than what it cost you to get that conversion.

Once you figure that out you can let the money you are earning pay for future ads. Even so ... you need to test a LOT, sometimes not but usually, until you learn what works.

If I could spend $300 and make $1000 ... I'd do that forever.

If I could spend $3,000 and make $10,000 ... I'd do that, forever.

If I spend $30,000 ... smartly ... chances are I will probably figure out how to make $100,000.

I ask my clients how much they want to make next year. I tell them to multiply that number by 25% and be prepared to spend that much on smart marketing.

Want $1,000,000 in revenue next year. Find $250K to spend on marketing.
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Thank you @Rev @eddievelez @Belew

Today's question: do you know good methods or apps to calculate the return of investment (ROI) of web marketing?

I mean, if my customers want to know for example how much marketing has helped them get new customers, how can I show them that my work helped them?

For example in social media marketing and in developing a blog for a customer.
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There are many, but they charge for the PRO features. Like HootSuite which is well developed. SocialOomph is another. BuzzSumo is very good, plus it helps you do others things, like find and curate content.
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Thank you @eddievelez
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Great question.

First - how do you define customer? Do you mean lead or money-in-the bank?

These are measurable.
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Once, when I was in an MLM business, I wanted to reach out to people I knew could be looking for my products if they only knew I was there.

Rather than put out catalogs -- what many were doing at significant expense, I printed up a bunch of "cards" four up on a standard sheet of printer paper. I cut them out and then cut between phone number tabs on the leading edge... you know, those tear-off phone number tabs you see on posts on physical message boards.

Like that, only my tabs were down the right side instead of at the bottom and, of course, the note spoke to my products, not babysitting.

Next, I got a stack of recent magazines (available free all over!) and a glue stick. I ran a little glue along the left edge of each sheet and inserted one in each magazine between the pages of a good story.

I took the doctored magazines around to every doctor's office, hair salon, barbershop, and anywhere I could think of where people waited and magazines were left to help pass the time.

I spoke to the owner or receptionist at each place. "I've got some recent magazines. May I leave a couple?" No one refused. Most said "Thank you!" or even "Oh, PLEASE!" (those magazines do tend to get old) and some asked to see what I had and picked a couple of favorites.

My sales went up dramatically. You could say it was an effective marketing strategy, or at least a pretty good advertising campaign, depending how you measure these things. For me it did the job at hand.

But would it be effective for you? For today? How would you apply the concept to the digital marketplace? Could you? GOOD is certainly relative!
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