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Size Matters..Your List and Book Launch2261

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Many times, authors don’t realize the important role of a having a list can play in order to achieve a successful a launch. The reason for this because several authors don’t know how books are being sold online and can’t boast of any marketing formula that can be put to use.
Building a list in your niche market gives you the opportunity to broadcast your book before launching it and give some extra bonuses to your personal email list for them to buy in advance. What steps can you take to achieve this?
• Send out emails to your list one month prior to the time you will launch your book on Amazon and inquire if anyone would be interested in getting a free copy in advance.
• When you get your subscribers response, find out from them if they would be keen to buy a copy in advance and write a review the day the book is launched in order to get a free amazon gift card. If their response is positive, send them a free amazon gift card along with a copy of your free ebook.
• Emphasize to those participating in this exercise the need while the need to read is time-bound, since your aim is to get your book reviewed the day it is being launched. All those that bought the pre-launch kindle version will be contacted when the book is published for a copy will be sent across to them in their kindle.
• Take time out to share the results of your launch day with your subscribers and be grateful to them for being a part of the whole process. You need to let your fans know you care about them.
On the other hand, since no one knows for sure how the Amazon algorithm is designed and functions, one thing that you can take into consideration about their system evaluation is reviews and verified sales. A review that is verified as a successful book sales carries more weight on Amazon. This aspect has taken more stringent approach because of the aftermath of 2015 Fiverr scandal. In past years, authors have taken the advantage to buy reviews for their amazon products on This act has lessened the authenticity of the reviews since a lot of the reviewers do not really read the book. For a five dollar gig, Fiverr sellers are ready to write any comments given to them by the authors. Steps have now been taken to make sure that this practice no longer thrives.
However, Amazon recently tightened it review policy and you many not be aware of some of the new criteria. Amazon now scours your social media, to insure that your friends are not posting reviews. This has prompted many social media users to start private groups on FB, where Amazon’s prying eyes can’t see who is in the group. Your email list is one place that Amazon’s spiders do not have access to. This makes it the perfect venue to speak to your idea readers and offer them incentives to read your book.
Your list is an asset and whenever possible, building it should be your top priority to build a long- term audience.
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Member AveryJLongley private msg quote post Address this user
@winsome1 - a free amazon gift card? or do you mean a gift card with a monetary value? If so, that violates the FTC regulations regarding payment for reviews - the same thing Amazon is trying to tight down on.
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Teacher Winsome1 private msg quote post Address this user
You are no longer allowed to offer any incentives in exchange for reviews. Many entrepreneurs were offering lead magnets and free strategy sessions on their lead pages.
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Member AveryJLongley private msg quote post Address this user
@winsome1 I must have misread you, I thought you were suggesting people get offered gift cards for review. My mistake.
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Teacher Winsome1 private msg quote post Address this user
No that was an old practice that Amazon has put a stop to. This is a good thing. It actually forces authors to build a platform for long- term growth instead of buying temporary readers and reviewers.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@Winsome1 What size list are you referring to? I have been a self published author for many, many years now. I have done all of the things you mentioned and more with little success. Admittedly I write children's books which are not as easy to sell as romance or get-rich-quick books.

I am currently working on selling the books in a monthly subscription service to grandparents as a way for them to connect with their grandkids. There are 12 books in the series.

I'm interested in your thoughts and ideas.
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Teacher Winsome1 private msg quote post Address this user
@SusanDay Your list is an opportunity to build trust. provide great value, and sell. Since sales is a numbers game, the bigger the better. What are you doing to bring grandparent's into your list?
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@Winsome1 I offer a free ebook called
"Help! My Grandkids Don't Like Reading!"
7 ways to engage and develop a love of books and reading.

It's early days, the site is only a few months old.

I have over 100 blog posts, and this week I've started reaching out to write guest spots on baby boomer sites and other authors I know.
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