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3 Stupid Questions I Got Asked this Week2253

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(3 min read … unless you are a really slow reader).

Whoever said there is no such thing as a stupid question has never taught very much. I have been an educator longer than at least half the world’s population has been alive.

Please forgive me if I come across harsh. That is not my intention … well maybe it is a little bit.

I get asked stupid questions. Perhaps you have asked one or more of these questions. If so, please stop.

Question #1 - Will you tell all your people to come to my event/buy my book/try out my service?

Truth - If you are in a position where you have to ask somebody to tell their somebodies that you are somebody, you are in a hurting situation.

I have questions:

1. Have you considered what the nature of the people on my list is? Do they care about Barbie dolls or dating after 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60?

2. Have you considered how long it took me to create this list of people around something both they and I care about … not what you care about?

3. Have you considered whether or not me asking people to check you out will dilute my credibility because I have asked them yet again to look at something they aren’t likely to care about?

4. Have you considered offering to pay me to do this for you … IF … IF your idea is something that my people might legitimately be interested in?

Question #2 - Will you review my work/my website/my marketing plan/my target demographic/my pitch and tell me if I am on the right track?

Truth - This is like asking me to name your child for you right after we just met.

There are so many variables here to start with. I have questions:

1. Who are you?

2. What problem are you trying to solve?

3. Do you have proof that you can solve that problem?

4. Do you really expect me to listen to how you developed a widget in your spare time over the last 3.5 years because you are sure at least 6 people have asked you to do it … and listen intently for an hour or so and spend another hour or so giving you feedback … for FREE?

Question #3 - Will you do a $1000 (insert amount) job for $500 (divide previous amount by 2) and give me results that are 3X the first amount, guaranteed ROI in less than a month?

Um … no!

If I could spend $500 and make $3000 in a month’s time, I’d do that forever .. and ever. Who wouldn’t? If someone can guarantee you that kind of return, do it. Stop reading now and call them. I can’t.

Nobody can guarantee what a 3rd party will do. I can guarantee visibility but NOT sales.

You have seen the caveats on miracle drinks - results will vary. I am no different.

1. How much have you spent so far?
2. What kind of return did you get?
3. How do I know you are any good?
4. Who says so? And why should I believe them?

Truth - You get what you pay for.

How has your FREE strategy worked for you so far? Or your $3/day Facebook/Google AdWords campaign? Or your $1500 website with 5 pages on it?

How to Get Real Results

You want real results? Hire somebody who has proof that they can deliver from real case studies that are recent and relevant.

The number one reason why my clients might fail is because they do not do the work. It’s not because of me.

Try this strategy

Offer to pay your would-be coach MORE than they are asking. Seriously … and watch them overdeliver (after they get off the floor) even more on their part.

Don’t negotiate down on the price, negotiate up.

“Can I pay you more so that I myself will be even more invested in what you are showing (not teaching) me how to do … so that I might be even more likely to see the results I want?”

Try that strategy out and you will much more likely succeed than you can possibly imagine.

Don’t know where to start online with marketing?

Watch this video on my take on best online marketing strategies.

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Welcome to the real world.
From a card on the interior door of a machine shop, "ignorance we can cure, but stupid is forever".
I have watched gross stupidity destroy many more jobs than offshore competition.
I quit 3M after the sand paper and tape guys destroyed our Linolex 1970's desktop workstations business, because they did not want to loose power on the board to a potentially game changing IT product.
Texas Instruments industrial computer division blocked upgrades to the personal computer 99/4A, claiming it was a better product and would steal sales from their basic metal box, IBM PC clone.
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Member philipwatling private msg quote post Address this user
That is good advice, Belew. Sadly after the bills are paid there is barely enough left for food. Certainly not enough to pay anyone to do anything! However, if someone reads and likes my book I only think it polite that they recommend it to anyone they know who may be interested in reading it
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