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Be Asked Back For Interviews..Over and Over2248

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Do you run a blog, host a show or podcast? Have you ever been pissed off when you receive someone’s promotional materials? Being a host, having a guest on board is enjoyable, but you wouldn’t love to do the job of putting your guest information together for broadcast like a jig-saw puzzle. It’s painful to get an email with truck load of information without clarity which need to be rearranged before it can be useful. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most authors do. They seek out interviews and opportunities to talk about their book, without an organized press kit.

In this regard, what can you do to prevent being labelled as being a terrible guest? Simply create a good promotional kit.

These are the requirements:
1) Biography
2) Headshot
3) Social Media Address
4) Website Address
5) Free Gift or Free Goodies (subject to the host acceptance to allow you make an offer)
6) Book Cover Design
7) Book Description
8) Where and how to Get the Book
9) Speaker One Page Sheet (for public speaker)

Ensure you have all these items together. Avoid sending them as separate documents in one email. When you do this, the host must save each individual piece. You can pack it in one zip file, ready for use anytime you are booked for an interview or guest post. Reason for this? You can easily attached it to a mail and send it out fast. In the same vein, the host will be able to download and save it to his or her computer in a twinkling of an eye for personal assessment.

Are you interested in being the favorite guest of every host with the opportunity of being promoted or you want to remain in the dark where there is no media attention? It is up to you!

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Wonderful advice. I work with a podcast host, creating blogs based on the podcast. It would be so nice if he could just send me a zip file about the author so that I have everything I need in one place. I'm going to share your comments with him so he can share them with his author-interviewees!

ETA: I sent a request to join your FB group. My FB profile is very vague--but I am a real person. : )
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Thank you! Also, thank you for sharing that your profile may be vague. I do screen to keep the spammers out. I'll approve you right now.
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How do you get invited for the first one?
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Same answer for every question. Networking and building relationships.
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