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Friday Pitch Fest for Forum Teachers #22234

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This thread is for those members who have upgraded to teacher level ONLY.

I have asked the teachers to make their best pitch or one of them.

Let's see what they got this week.

Here's a look at pitches #1.

Go ahead. You know you want to.
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Meetup has exciting new opportunities that are MUCH bigger than just local audience and business generation!

Learn how Bill and I grew an outreach that is now 58,000+ business professionals and owners in Silicon Valley, CA.
MORE BELOW... so keep reading.

Meetup = a VERY affordable online platform to helps you build an audience, engage and convert into clients. How we use meetup = set up events for targeted people to attend, offer them an educational presentation on our service, upsell to a free consultation, upsell from the free consultation to your service. There are MANY other ways to make money using meetup.

That is the easy stuff. The breakthrough stuff is also relatively easy to make happen!

1. We are offering a Global Meetup Organizer MasterMind where you can create very creative and easy to do cross marketing to build your audience in other cities in the US and worldwide. This is already happening!
2. Meetup now allows us to use webinars as events - this is very exciting BUT it has to be done right!

To find out more about how this can work for you: go to to schedule a time with me.

Also: You can get a FREE report here about Six ways to make Money in Your Own Business in Meetup! . When you opt in, you will also get access to webinars and articles - learn how to leverage your business with meetup US$90 every six months and more.

Here are some images of our recent clients' accomplishments!

Cesar - Recent Client - waitlist in less than 48 hours!

Sunny - Recent Client - waitlist in 1 week or less.

See our post last Friday - there are more recent testimonials.
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Content Writing Works!

When I started my journey as a content writer I wasn't that convinced that publishing blog posts would attract lots of visitors to my site.

I was wrong!

Here is a screenshot from one of my sites taken today. It has over 1,350 blog posts on it. I began by posting 3 to 6 times a day, then I dropped down to once a day. Now, I only post 3 times a week.

And look, the visitors are still coming.

The best part - whenever I post something the numbers continue to jump.

It's not hard to write great content, but it does take some skill. I'm convinced that almost anyone can get these same great results for their business.

And, I really want to show you how
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@SusanDay is proof positive that she knows what works.

Susan does NOT tell you how to things, she shows you how she did it and is continuing to do it.

Susan was tapped by the Aussie Government (they'll take anybody I guess) to create content for them to train post men throughout the country on how to deal with rabid kangaroos ... er, I mean .. mean dogs.

I love Susan!
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