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I died in 1994, seriously! On December 9th, 1994 I was hit by a car, thrown into the side of a bus and my heart stopped beating... Fortunately death wasn't terminal and after two days of being fully unconscious I came myself, but slightly different. New and improved you might say! However, I suffered a massive head injury and the life I knew came to an end; a new life rose to takes its place. I was in hospital for five months and came out a changed man, as would be expected. Anyhow, I have written an amazing and inspiring (e)book full of hope about my life, my death and my resurrection; it may not change the world, but it may make people's perception of the world change. It will make you laugh; it will make you cry - often at the same time. I wrote about my death and made it funny! If enough people read it we may all end up getting along and stop fighting: a book to end all wars?

Please take a look at Flight of a Lifetime; if you like it, could you perhaps tweet about it or share it on Facebook or…? It was written to help people after all
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during my own close encounters with death had my hear stopped beating I probably wouldn't be here to tell the tale. I was perhaps more unlucky because I was conscious looking death in its face, a no way out situation trapped underwater in a car unable to breath having gulped my last breath of air wondering what it is like to die,terrifying. I too have written about the experience. Your story sounds inspirational. It is interesting how our lives may change especially when we are confronted by life changing circumstances. Mine first came around when i was twelve years old. I look forward when I have the time to be able to read your journey. I will of course do my best to tell my followers all about your life experiences.

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While I have read many stories of life changing events in Guideposts Magazine, and I have read several books on near death experiences, by Dr. Raymond T. Moody, I have met many people, who simply decided to jump into an opportunity, who after a period of extreme effort, found a path to dreams that were once to big to visualize.
My dear fellow humans, please don't waste your time down here. If you haven't yet had a life changing experience, simply invest your precious time in being around successful people, and then apply the same methods that many of these good people will be happy to share with you.
While many of us would love to help you, you must decide to put wings on to your dreams, rather than hiding them from an ego that is terrified of failure. Then we can all celebrate your success, and hold you up as an example to those still frozen in fear that all can have hope.
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You only live once, that is once in the reality of this word. As to others that remains to be seen. At this precise moment I am being mesmerised by one single piece of film music that in my opinion is so awe-inspiring, if you are unable to reach out to your dreams I encourage you to listen because the will do just that
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Chuck, you hit the nail on the head. My experiences are my experiences. I never try and preach to people telling them to follow me. They must learn to go there own way - I just give them an example. My book is inspirational, so I have often been told, because I went to a certain type of hell and found my own way out, but mine is not the only path!

Laurence, thank you for your kind words and for saying that you will help spread the word. I am a small voice in a noisy world and my book will only help people if they know of its existence so word of mouth is great. Your experiences must have been truly horrifying. I was not aware of my heart having stopped beating, as I was unconscious for the best part of three weeks. I am glad we both came out the other end.
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