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Google Analytics Goal Conversion for Dynamic2221

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Hi Team Belew... Quick (not so quick) Google Analytics question:

OK, I need to set up some Goals in Google Analytics and I track funnels. The first step of the funnel in each of these Goals leads to a dynamically generated page, all Goal Conversions follows the same path after that point. The source is Adroll display and remarketing campaigns that we're running.

Came across this:

All it addresses is Match Filter for Dynamically generated URL's.

Any ideas as to how I can make this easier on myself?

Additionally, I am using Google' Campaign URL Builder as well.
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When I use goals in Google Analytics, I skip the match filter and use Custom and add a targeted URL that I want people to end up at.

Perhaps someone else smarter than I am here (that would be everyone) has a better option/solution.
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Are you trying to track each page as its own goal? Or are they sharing a goal?

If they each need to be their own goal, event tracking is the best way to accomplish this. Are you using Wufoo forms or u
Unbounce? Last time I checked Wufoo did not allow event tracking, but Unbounce and Leadpages do. In fact if you have an AdWords account (even if you aren't using it) you can call the AdWords help line, select Analytics from the menu, and an implementation specialist will write the code for you. As long as your account settings allow for help from support.
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