is so named as I am an authority on antique Meissen Porcelain. Seven years ago I began a tremendous fight with the Meissen Manufactory who wanted me to hand back my domain to them, The irony was that my site was an information resource for anyone who had interest is collecting buying and selling but no items could be bought or sold. It was a not for profit venture and I fought hand and nail to hang on to the name.

At around the time I purchased my domain the Manufacture was taken over by a marketing company. Today Meissen is not just a Manufactory known for the invention of porcelain in Europe in 1710 but a brand for home furniture. No doubt if they saw profit out of condoms those too.

Yes I am very angry because of what they did. So I changed my name to The Meissen Man. So far I haven't had any correspondence form the International Courts in Switzerland to hand over my domain name. For now it remains my brand name for business and personal use.

My personal blog was begun barely a week ago. Some years ago I wrote a book although didn't publish, 'A Dangerous Marriage. The title has moved on. It was supposed to be about the dangerous marriage one has with the self. You can learn more about my life and thoughts by visiting my blog.