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If Only Clients Were as Loyal as Pets2205

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I am in the loop to go see and review the movie A Dog's Purpose.

I used to think I was a dog person. Now I might just be a cat person. But I don't think that's the point ... at least not of this thread.

It's really hard to make a pet fall out of love with you.

The loyalty seems to be genuinely unconditional.

I used to think cats were cold and un-affectionate. They aren't.

When I curl up to watch a rerun on Netlix of whatever program ... it's a matter of minutes before our cat, Harry, is right next to me, snuggled up, and his motor running.

My daughter expects me to make pop corn. Harry expects nothing.
My wife wants me to turn off the lights. Harry expects nothing.

Pets are terrific. Harry has been a great addition to our family and the first thing out of my 9-year old each morning is "Where's Harry?"

From my wife - "Where's Harry?"

And this is nearly a year in to having Harry around.

What about me?

I only wish clients would be as loyal.

My clients want me to turn off the lights and make popcorn or worse ... give them a discount. They expect me to do a lot without anything in return.

I just ask them, "Where's Harry?"
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Where is Harry!
Sounds like you have the making for a great children's book. Your daughter could write and illustrate it, you could edit it - it would be fun.

Cats make wonderful pets. I am glad that Harry has fitted so well into your family. Cats are low maintenance too!

But, sadly you are right - People can be more interested in themselves and their back pocket.
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I expected you to chime in.

I want my daughter to ask, 'Where's daddy?'

At least sometimes.
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