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Yahoo has chosen to make user feedback nearly impossible, as we observe significant quality issue
1 - Clicking on links to some stories fails. This news process is continuous integration, which should include automated testing!
2 - Clicking on associated advertisements, particularly of "sponsored" news, results in being connected to malware. Again why is automated testing not discovering and disabling these links, repeat offenders should be permanently banned.
3 - Many comment processes have some kind of time out that resets and deletes comments that we are typing in.
4 - Some links go to stories where we must sign in or even payto see the actual story. These should be identified as advertisements, not shown as stories. This is fraud.
I hate to see Yahoo die, but they no longer offer a friendly user experience. Many good people will loose jobs and investors will loose value. The idiots in management will network with friends and move on the screwing up new companies. The workers will "take it in the neck".
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Yahoo! is on its way out ... at this point nobody cares but Verizon.

They missed out when they turned their noses up at the Microsoft offer a few years back.
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