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When Failure Is No Longer an Option2196

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That moment when you realize that it wasn’t as easy as you thought. When your dreams are crushed because you believed that the information on the Internet could get you a bestseller. When you have downloaded every free telesummit on the planet, listened to every webinar and you still can’t get the visibility and recognition you wanted.

I enrolled another client yesterday. This is one I talked to exactly one year ago, January 2016. She had a book and was ready to publish. After a strategy session, she said, I don’t have that kind of money and I can do it on my own. So she went………one year later she is back. This year’s strategy session was time for truth. This year she bought. After taking the Authorpreneur 101 Assessment, she scored a 67 out of 200. After a year of studying everything she could get her hands on.

This is what her last year looked like:
1) Book launch in March 2016. I use the term “book launch” loosely. She listed her book on the market through Createspace. There was no launch strategy.
2) Total sales in 2016 was 92 books. Not bad, just under the average 100 indie authors sell.
3) Total money spent on having a landing page and opt- in built to sell her book- $1,200
4) Total list build with her newsletter- 231
5) Total additional sales from speaking- $0
6) Total spent on social media expert to build her FB and LinkedIn pages and post for her twice a week- $300 per month- total $3600
7) Total spent on FB ads- $3000
8) Total spent on promo through various sources- $4000
Total: $11,800
Total books sold- 92

As you can imagine, all of a sudden, the cost of a program to learn to do all of this herself, didn’t seem like so much. Especially since she has written another book. This time there is a new purpose, she knows that there is no room for failure. She is disconnected from an audience, she has no niche, she is producing nothing more than a weekly blog and none of it is working. Her social media person is posting garbage that isn’t connecting with anyone. She has tried to post polls to get information. No one is responding.

I remember last year, she told me that she was “automating”. I asked her what she thought that was. She thought that meant that she was going to build a list with a newsletter. Her list build number was low. Other than the newsletter, she wrote a quarterly note letting her subscribers know that she was discounting some services. Way to go….ask your list to purchase without showing your value.

She has learned her lesson the hard way. She really wants to be an author with credibility in her marketplace. What she got instead was embarrassment, wasted money, and no progress. Here is some more truth…those webinars they teach you very little. The goal is to let you know how much you don’t know. There is a strategy, good marketers know this. Those telesummits with 12 experts, don’t give you a formula, they are an opportunity to work with those people. You are never going to learn enough on the Internet or those expert productions to do this on your own successfully. 99% of the authors out there don’t sell books, products, or services successfully.

Are you going to continue to flounder or are you going to make room for the audience you seek? Selling books is Internet marketing. No one learns quickly, no one learns without pain. No one gets it right the first time. Isn’t your book important enough to start learning to do it right?
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Success is based more on persistence than on brilliance. Generally, processes that are without risk lack significant rewards.
While I do buy books from respected text book publishers, I have on occasion bought and even bought to gift books that I heard about through various channels.
First and absolutely critical, does your book offer true value? This determines if ordinary people will spend their limited money on your book as a resource.
A subject matter expert can easily market a book to people willing to spend time and money to listen to the author speak. Books are sold during an intermission or at the end of the presentation. If your content is inadequate to fill a meeting room, I fear that a book with similar content will not sell well.
If you have a valuable product, only after verification is there any point in getting professional help to market your book.
There is one simple way to start and to build a following. Many trade magazines and even for profit publications are desperate for content to fill pages between advertisements. Once you earn respect as a regular contributor, showcasing your writing ability for the publications audience, at little or no pay, most publications will allow you to mention that you have a book available for purchase to the typical audience of thousands.
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Do you have a successful case study that you can share with us here?

Or perhaps, better yet, in the classroom?
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@Belew Yes, a little different metrics because Bonny bought the program right off. Bonny Lyn came in with a book and a small list or following 60 days before she was set to launch.

In 60 days, she built a lead magnet,set up an SMS delivery, and collected over 200 emails. She used her email list in conjunction with a drip campaign and launched to #1 with 24 reviews on the first day.

Total cost of course: $1997

Total books sold through 12/31- 562

She designed her own lead magnet and used SMS when she spoke at networking groups.
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Thru 12/31 - 562 books... starting from when?
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