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Mingle to Millions, Cami Bake is here!2188

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Super happy to be a part of the forum. Thanks for inviting me Bill!! I don't know exactly what I am doing HERE, but I do know I am doing BIG THINGS in the marketplace and in the world! With the help of Bill and Sunil and the meetups I am creating.

Also, I teach people HOW to "BE the event".....Bill and Sunil have the technical aspect down. They show you how to put together the platform/technical part so your meetup attracts people....but now what do you do?? Let's bridge the humanity gap and learn how to communicate, conversate and collaborate with peole who come to your events! to learn more

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Teacher SunilBhaskaran private msg quote post Address this user
Cami: we are excited to work with you and will find a way to do so :-) !!
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Will you be joining us in The Classroom to teach your "BE the Event" stuff?
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