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Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique2183

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According to this report by WordFence... even some of the best are getting fooled.

What that means is that it would be really easy to fool me.

Worth a read.

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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user's definitely worth the read.

Sly buggers them bad guys are ... too sly.
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We should have a process to get phony ID information from law enforcement that we can then freely share with morons doing phishing. Then when they log in, they would be much easier for law enforcement to target or to hit with various counter measures.
If any are interested, I enjoy brain storming about computer security active counter measures, some of which target enemy's hardware.
Imagine that when the criminal attempts to use a stolen credit card number and then receives his package delivered by the local undercover police, who might borrow the UPS truck and uniform, or simply follow the regular driver to the vacant house, where many criminals pick up products bought online with stolen credit cards.
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