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What happens when you are in a hurry...2180

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San Jose Mercury ... our local, biggest, um, most respected, er ... I dunno.

But they get in a hurry .... and there are no editors checking.

Look who is running for president.

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The San Jose Mercury News has failed miserably as a medium for the sharing of useful facts and a forum where the public can find a collection of useful and divergent opinions.

Instead, it has become a collection of political activists, who make great efforts to protect the people from access to information that conflicts with their internal political agenda.

The very worst example was a number of years ago with the deliberate refusal to carry a story from UP on the intrusion of Soviet nuclear bombers that were turned back over Georgia. As a subscriber, I saw the article in the Fremont paper, The Argus, and then phoned the editor at the Mercury to ask why such an important bit of information was not carried.

The editor explained to me that publishing this article would raise public concerns about Russian nuclear threats and reduce public support for US disarmament. The mantra was and still is "protect the ignorant public from the truth that they may not react well to." Give the public only information that distracts them from important issues or reinforces opinions of the liberal editors.

Who is having sex with who in Hollywood is front page, but the military threats of foreign nations that might support a more aggressive foreign policy or major investments in military technology is safely buried.

Without the denial of the truth by Neville Chamberlain, Adolf Hitler might have been crushed, before he could rebuild the German army and trigger World War II.

Today Iran builds missiles and nuclear weapons in order to be able to destroy both the US and Israel, according to speeches made by Iranian government officials. The disgusting liars in the liberal press try to tell us that we can melt the vicious savagery of the Iranian Theocracy, by being nice and giving them money. It's not did these reporters suffer major brain damage, but when? The blood of the innocents being murdered in Syria stains the evil souls of the liberals that cripple our response to this mass murder, just like Hitler in World War II.

The Iron Rule: Do unto the evil ones before they can do it to you, your family, or your fellow humans. Noblesse Oblige.
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The Iron Rule? I heard it like, "Yea though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil for I am the meanest, toughest, son-of-a-gun in the valley!"
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Do you want to tell us what you really think? 8-)
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I finally gave up and cancelled my subscription to Pravda West, also known as the San Jose Mercury News, a once respected newspaper, now a tragic propaganda organ of the extreme left.

The Iron Rule:
Do we claim the "moral high ground" by waiting for a nuclear Pearl Harbor, sacrificing the lives of millions of innocents?
Do we crush enemies, who regularly talk about how they are going to murder our people and our allies, who they jealously hate?

As cannibals once killed and ate their neighbors, believing that this was appropriate competition, and prayed to their gods for good luck in hunting, we still have savages in this world, who would murder us and our families.

"Do not hanker for peace with the infidels, behead them when you catch them." Q'uran 47:4, a quote from the Islamic book of hate.

Do we peaceful allow our decapitation, or do we execute these savages first?
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