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Are you more impulsive or deliberate?2178

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My good buddy @sunilbhaskaran is the deliberate.

I am the impulsive one.

I think that makes us a good match.

Which are you? And who brings balance to you?

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I tend to vacillate between the two, depending on my business partner at the time. More often than not, I am deliberate with and eye for the next shiny thing.
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I try to be the balance in whoever I am partnered with as well.

When they are too slow (as I see it), I pull even harder.

When they are too quick, I go even quicker.
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My artistic side goes impulsive. My other side balances that out with deliberate actions. The result is art, furniture, useful items with artistic flair (combined with flare), and ... art. In the past - Architecture.
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I love this inquiry! And I have no qualms about being categorized as deliberate ... to a point :-) Let me give some clarity here. I think the word impulsive and deliberate may not be the real useful distinction. I think the useful distinction is 'not wasting time' and getting a good return on investment. There are times when you need to deliberate when you are not clear about the return on investment vs. risk for a potential project. That does not mean that one has to sit and analyze to death either - so there has to be a fair amount of 'range' here = spending the right amount of time to make sure that you get the ROI vs risk clear and that you plan sufficiently so we can avoid the avoidable mistakes. We cannot think of every possible mistake, but we should do what we can whilst we have the time to do so, to avoid the avoidable mistakes. Hope that sheds some light! :-) Bill and I are a good team regardless :-)
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I also tend to switch between impulsive and deliberate. It depends on the situation. When I have a clear purpose and direction, I can be become deliberate very fast. It is the recent collaboration with a friend to wish everybody happy new year 2017.
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I am challenged by being asked whether I am deliberate or impulsive. I would prefer to say I used to be impulsive and pretty deliberate. I could also blame it on my non neuroscience-typical mind to misunderstanding the connotations in the question but this is just me and my perceptions when I read.

With the book I have just written I suppose I am deliberate in that I have not written just about willy nilly anything that comes to mind. Or rather that is how I first wrote and now have re-edited to a point no short of analysing to death. Just like Issac Asimov used to do.
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What's the book?
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The Book doesn't have a title yet. In the final throws of editing. The story is in two parts. Will be completed at the end of April It tells the story of an Asperger's Man who wishes to experience everything life has to offer. However he needs to learn from his master the differences between right and wrong god and bad since he has no way of learning himself.

The second part of the book is a continuation of the story and then goes on to answer many of the challenges we all may face in life.

As soon as I am able to write more will do so.
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I recently answered a question in Quora, "Are there any Adult Autistics".

Further to my last comment I have achieved things that don’t appear rationally possible and we are talking about pre internet era. I was driving to Amsterdam and a friend asked me if I would mind dropping him off at an address in Brussels. I have never been before to Brussels yet without a map or directions took him right to the front door of where he wanted to go.
I have driven through 43 states in the US. California, Arizona, I dont need a map, I just use my sixth sense. I memorise every piece of music I have ever heard and if I hear music as ear worms I can change the piece at will. On the downside I have heightened sensations to pain, a tone of a person’s voice can upset me although these days I am more tolerant. I like to think of God as deciding the next stage in the evolution of humanity is a mind of incredible talent but simultaneously with life and cognitive challenges. I consider myself to be different as I neither believe or disbelieve in God. I would like to believe we are of body, mind, spirit and soul and whatever it is another world when we leave this. It’s another reason irrespective of all the life challenges I have been born with I refuse to back down, refuse to give up.
I have died more than once in my life. Imagine trapped underwater in a car, upside down in subzero temperatures at night and you cant find the catch to under the seat belt while your car is filling up with water and you have breathed your last breath. What would you do? It is panic which kills most people yet I am here to write the tale. I have pictures of my car as evidence of that dreadful day. Perhaps if I was neuro-typical I wouldn't be here to write about the experience and perhaps write about the trials and tribulations of an Aspergers Man to which a psychological thriller I have just written is all about.

Have you any idea what it is like to believe everything you have ever been told because the wiring in your brain cannot explain how to think differently. It is not a pleasant thought but once again I am still here to tell the tale.
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Very intriguing to say the least.

Looking forward to knowing more about your mission and how the marketing forum can help.

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