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Recommendations for a call list manager...2171

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Wondering if anyone in our community has any recommendations they're willing to share about call list managers.

What we use:
OptinMonster: Pop-up service
MailChimp: List manager and sender.

Our objective:
Create a list of names and phone numbers to reach out to about certain properties.

Our challenge
OptinMonster requires an email form field (must be filled in), we can add name and phone number as form fields as well. We don't want to email these people just call them and I don't believe that MailChimp has just call lists you can create. We need to find something that does work.

Our generic workflow:
A pop-up (OptinMonster) is conditionally triggered on-site. It requires an email form field.

Form fields are filled out, and contact information is added to a list (MailChimp).

After some refinement, filters, etc... Lists are added to general newsletter email marketing or drip campaigns.

We schedule delivery.

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Did you find someone for this position?
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Nope looking for a piece of software.
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