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Good News for the Forum in 2017, Please Read2150

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I have good news for our forum.

In 2017 there are going to be private rooms for the more serious among us = those who need help and are willing to pay for it and those who can provide the help and will offer a fair price and real follow through for that service.

It's all in beta format = still ironing out the details = those who get in early pay much less than those who want everything done perfectly before they try.

There are some really top notch people here in the forum who have legitimately 'been there, done that' and know how to teach others.

There are some people here who want no nonsense answers to hard questions that can produce real results.

It's time you find each other. And I aim to facilitate that meeting.

It's good news for the forum. It'll cost the serious a nominal fee. But for your investment, there are real opportunities to get business done for real people.

If you don't want to pay ... I'll take that as a non-serious involvement here = we all get what we pay for.

Of course, you can still find that person and business opportunity here. The forum is meant for those exchanges. You can do it on the free level, but you'll be able to do it better on the paid level.

Watch for updates.

The forum is getting better in 2017.

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Member bdaoust private msg quote post Address this user
@Belew - looking forward to the changes - as they say "I am in"!
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Member skappal private msg quote post Address this user
Great News I am in too !!!
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This is an awesome next step in the evolution of the forum. I am seriously looking forward to this and, like those above, I am in too!

Thanks for all you do @Belew.
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Golly, shucks...

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Member Summerbay private msg quote post Address this user
@Belew Definitely interested in hearing the details.
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17 new members today. Forum is growing.

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112 new members so far this month ....!!!
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Great news! I'm in.
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One of the annoyances of the internet is this whole idea that everything should be free. To a degree I have shied away from my commercial blog at because while I give serious information away for free about all aspects of collecting, investing in antiques not just Meissen Porcelain you should think I would get a return on my Investment. It's like becoming a major player on Ebay then calling yourself an expert. Become a vendor with 100% loyalty yet what you are actually selling is 99% lack of authenticity. Or if you are a buyer all you have to do is admit to a little bit of disgruntles, report the vendor who may be 100% legit and you get an automatic refund courtesy of Pay Pal.

I remember the day I fist sold on Ebay, rather attempted to sell, I hope to sell again soon. But I made a mistake on the size in the description , called Rbay customer service explained my error. But someone from China decided to buy. When I explained my predicament about my error in the description, I was deemed a liar, a cheat, someone not to trust. Even though I had spoken to Ebay Customer Service they were not prepared to remove the unfavourable comments, so I decided that was the first and last time I would try to sell on Ebay. However, I have customers who prefer to buy in that marketplace and since I carry stock that just sits on the shelves, Ebay may be the only place I can sell.

Thankfully Ebays' legit way of marketing means there is an easy way to flout their rules and they don't appear to care a dam about this, create a new user name and email address.

If this is the future of selling this means of course if I wanted to become a dealer of disrepute all I have to do is sell and lie about the descriptions and as soon as I get caught, change my username and start anew. What a lovely world we live and trade in. What has happened to branding and authenticity, has it really gone down the tubes or is this just the way of evolution of trading in collectibles and antiques.
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