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Danger..Wrong Way Book Promotion2139

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Another day, another book about book promotion. This morning I downloaded a brand, new book which included a section on book marketing. It was a snooze. A collaborative effort by authors who have barely sold any books. The jist of it was how to put together a really good Authorcentral account profile. While this is a part of the puzzle, these authors missed A LOT.
So, I looked each of the collaborators up individually and here is what I found.
1) None of them had a lead magnet. Zero, nada, zilch.
2) Some of them had an opt- in to get a newsletter. Archaic book marketing at best.
3) None of them had a marketing funnel of any sort. You know…that thing you need to sell a product.
4) They pushed recognition through blog posting. Not bad but a small piece of the puzzle.
5) None of the authors had a website that functioned as a hub for readers. Anyone can put up a website. A website that converts people to readers and fans is the ultimate goal.
6) Some of them had author or business pages on social media. They posted memes, the most non- engaging form of social media.

Yes, this is a critical assessment. Why? Because these same people who have no idea how to promote themselves or their book actually had the nerve to collaborate and tell others how it is done. Like they know! If you check them out on Amazon, they have few review, no stars, and a recently launched book is ranked in the millions.
These people want you to follow their tried and true method! Even worse, a couple of them are in business to help authors publish their books. This is the kind of business that irks me to no end. They have no idea that books are sold on the Internet and that you need an Internet presence to sell books. You need a following, a movement, and a coach that knows that. Yet, so many authors buy books like this and then wonder why they failed to get traction on any of their great ideas!
Well.. I will be the first to tell you that I will not be critical without ideas how to make it better.
1) You need a lead magnet. In fact, you need 3 or 4 good lead magnets. Launching to #1, requires list and lead magnets build lists.
2) Newsletters are old news. No one uses them. They are not good lead magnets.
3) A marketing funnel is essential to your success as an author. Your book is a product and a product needs a converting funnel to sell. Sometimes building a funnel feels like rocket science. To get to the book- marketing moon, you need rocket science!
4) Blog are a good way to build an audience. However, you need a CTA at the bottom. List building is required to reach #1. Amazon has new rules about reviews and your list will be the place you entice readers to launch you to a bestseller. Part of the new Amazon rules frown on collaborations and the way authors handle them. These new guidelines will make collaborations archaic.
5) Author websites are essential. You need a good one. One that is the hub of your fans and readers. If you are building your expertise, you need one that is the hub of your movement. Most of all, it must be a site that converts. For that task, you need a designer that fully understands Internet marketing. Only hire someone who can show you they have a proven conversion track record. Also, get references and talk to those people about their analytics.
6) Social media must be engaging for people to follow you. Memes do not inspire engagement. Assessments, questions, content, and communication inspire engagement.

Lastly, be careful who you purchase books and programs from on this topic. If it sounds easy….it is probably too good to be true!
Learn more at:
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Member MrLeon private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you for that cautionary tale.

I must say you really have studied the market. I would say you have looked at the book market in a nonfiction sort of way. I can only think calls to actions are great for getting buyers of a nonfiction title that is self help or informative.

What about authors who live in the realm of fiction? What about authors who create worlds like J.R.R. Tolkien?

Getting lead magnets surely must be much different. It is easy to find people who need to get over depression. Much harder to find those bored and looking for adventure.

I do not think Tolkien had a marketing funnel. In fact it took years and at first he thought his book was garbage.

Yes this is a different age. I am glad people like you are out to warn us of what is happening. But many authors simply want to express their world and share their adventures with others.

I would like to see something along the topic of converting fantasy fiction readers to your series.
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Teacher Winsome1 private msg quote post Address this user
@MrLeon Haha! Tolkien had a traditional publisher who did much of this for him. Back when I worked at a traditional publisher we did everything for the author. However these days, traditional publishers don't do much marketing. When they vet potential publishing projects for authors who already have a platform built. Traditional publishers want to insure that the book won't lose money.

I work with non- fiction authors who also build business around their movement and their book. Fiction is much different and your lead magnet needs to be very creative. I do have a friend who works more with fiction writers than I do. If you want an introduction, I would be glad to make it.
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Member MrLeon private msg quote post Address this user

I would be very interested in meeting your associate.

I do feel that an alchemist is needed to crack the nut of Fiction book marketing.

Thank you very much. I do have aims later on to pursue Nonfiction, but my heart burns with a large story to tell. Once that fire is out I plan to get into the nonfiction realm. I would love to speak with you then.
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
@Winsome1 thanks for sharing this.
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Member bdaoust private msg quote post Address this user
@MrLeon you might want to connect with @sumbay around fiction - she is the real expert here in the forum. She is a sought after expert in the fiction arena.
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Member MrLeon private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you very much @bdaoust !

I hope she would speak with me via email or here.
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Member Summerbay private msg quote post Address this user
@MrLeon Best way to reach me is through my website at I look forward to connecting.
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Member MrLeon private msg quote post Address this user
Will do @sumbay
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