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Size Matters if You Want to Sell Books2130

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Everyone knows that book funnels sell books! Putting a funnel together can be a complicated process. There are so many factors that need to be addressed. What is the most neglected part of a funnel? Your list! You bring all of the tools together to build it and then… don’t communicate with those people in your list in an engaging way. They unsubscribe…it can be a vicious cycle. You need that list to be large and engaged to pull of a successful book launch!

For many people, it is tough to engage your list on a regular basis. But, like it or not, more communication is what keeps them from unsubscribing, not less. Studies show that more communication with your list builds trust. Logically, the more trust you build, the more your audience will purchase from you.

Now that you know you must email more, what are the types of emails that will create more sales?

1. Engagement Emails. These are the emails that start conversations. Surveys and food for thought type of emails where you ask for feedback. You send these so your audience see you as a real human being who cares about what they think.

This is important because you do not want to treat your audience as just another email address. You want them to understand that their input matters. An example of this: What is your biggest challenge as _______? Not everyone will click and respond, but those who do can give you some valuable feedback. This builds a nice relationship with your list.

2. JV Promotion Emails. These are promos where you share freebie sources from your partners. Use your affiliate links to promote programs. The most important part of this equation is to choose partners who will resonate with your list. The second is to take the materials that your partners give you and personalize them. You can do this by telling a story around the topic.

3. Personal Emails. These are your stories, updates, and lessons learned. These make you human as well. Make sure that you always attach a resource/freebie to these emails to help your audience. This is one of the hardest emails for people to share because you really must dig deep and share yourself.

4. Educational Emails. These are emails that provide some free material to help your audience with what their focus is all about. These should always be connected to a resource at the end. These emails position you as an expert, so a paid resource would be great here.

5. Launch Emails. This should be a sequence of emails that tell a story. You are using these to sell higher ticket items, so these should help your audience understand that there was a lesson learned and you are here to help them skip through all of the hard stuff and get right down to your program.

Your list is your gold, you must nurture it and build relationships. The bigger your list, the more leverage you have to launch your book! Size does matter when it comes to your email list and your successful launch.
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There's a bus load of information in this post.

2 Questions.

1. Where does the newbie start?

2. How do you justify the costs of maintaining an email list until it starts making money?
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Start with consistency. Make sure you send out an email weekly with a blog, a valuable tip, or anything else that will be helpful.

The second biggest mistake???? Trying to sell your list something without establishing your value.

As for justifying cost to maintain your list, start with something inexpensive like Mailchimp. As your list grows and your tagging system becomes more sophisticated, you can expand to a better platform. My personal favorite is Active Campaign. $49 a month up to the first 1000.
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Email hosts are not that costly at the lower level.

But it's a slog to make $49 off a list of 1000 people ...

Emailed weekly, there are time costs involved. Depending on what a person pays themselves $50/hr, $100/hr ... $20/hr.

5-10 hrs/month preparing and delivering high quality emails to 1000 people can be $150 - $550/month. How long will it take to make that much back on a 1000-person email list?
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That's a great point Bill. In terms of how large your list is and how much money you can make.

Most people come to my program with no list or a very small list. I don't think you can even begin to make money decent money until your list reaches about 5000.

You may be able to launch your book to #1 with a list of 1000 but...will you have long- term success with a list that size? Probably not.
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@Winsome1 It sounds like a very expensive journey. Unfortunately, my book is not viable even at the minimum $150/month to prepare high quality emails to 1000 people. I'm now considering changing my career to becoming a 'social entrepreneur' where book sales will not necessarily be the top priority. This will also give me more retirement time to play. :>
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Books are seldom a good money making strategy.

Books are great calling cards that open doors to make money.
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I agree about books seldom making big money...however, they do open doors when you use them and build an audience. My Launch Like A Program prepares authors for a #1 book launch...but the even bigger goal is turning that book into a program and launching it as well.

How many people try to launch programs without an audience? ALOT. The book is practice for a product that is 100X more money. You have to be on top of your game and have the credibility for the bigger end game.
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@Winsome1 How to use your book to open doors sounds like a good topic for a webinar or smth or rather, eh?
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