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Does Your Brand Stink?2115

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Brand alignment means that you reflect the values and image of your brand. The face you show your audience inherently echoes your brand. What they see from you can alter their perspectives about your business—for better or worse.

When you fall out of alignment even slightly, you lose credibility. When your audience witnesses you fall completely out of touch with your own brand values and image, you lose their trust. It’s very difficult (and often impossible) to rebuild that trust, especially if you’re taking the first steps toward building your brand into a success.

Customers and audiences don’t like to feel as though they’ve been tricked, and that’s exactly what happens when you don’t maintain brand alignment.

A while back I attended a conference and was absolutely floored by the lack of integrity displayed by the host and her team. I was excited to attend this conference—the host’s brand practically oozed integrity and personal alignment with brand values. Half an hour into the presentation, I was a bit shocked at what I witnessed but decided to try and see past it for the time being. Maybe I misunderstood what had happened. Unfortunately, this display turned into a pattern and kept happening again and again.

Excitement turned to conflicting thoughts, and then anger—I realized that they had skunked me! I saw firsthand what a brand looks like when the people behind it fall completely out of alignment with the image and values they claimed to represent. Before the conference, I was curious and may have invested in one of their programs. After the second day, I was so turned off I considered skipping the third day. All credibility was destroyed.

Branding is difficult for any writer. Nonfiction authors in particular often struggle with building a brand. Crafting a brand that aligns with your personal goals and values requires a great deal of hard work and tenacity. The next step is making your brand resonate with your message. Many new authors wonder how they can possibly deliver a brand and content that reflects who they are.

Here are some thoughts to consider before you brand:
1) Who are you? (This can be a tough question!)
2) What are your values?
3) How can you reflect those values and your personality consistently and fearlessly?
4) Ask your friends what they see in you
5) Does your personality mesh with your message?
6) Are you being authentic and original?

This journey will be different for every author. Building a platform is never an easy task, and getting your name out there is often more difficult than actually writing your books and content. However, consider my previously mentioned experience and cautionary tale. No matter what type of author you are, who your audience is, or what type of work you do, when you build a brand you need to reflect that brand consistently. Brand alignment is crucial not only for early platform building, but for a writer’s entire career.

If you disregard the values behind the brand that you’ve built, your audience will take this seriously and your credibility will be decimated, leaving a lasting stink on your name that won’t wash out easily.
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Terrible experience for you to have gone thru. Sorry younhad to endure it. Sadly, been there, done that myself.

Misalignment in branding is not only something authors must be concerned with. All list owners have the same challenge albeit in a slightly different way.

Just because i have a sizable list that i can appeal to it doesnt make sense for me to pitch someone's socks or new egg beating app.

Staying on task, true to who you are is critical. I love your references to hard work and tenacity - favorite words of mine that help a person stand out. Sadly,it's really easy to 'blow it.'

Why is it that it's so hard to do good long term yet so easy to mess things up?
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Kind of reads like an article or advertisement rather than a forum post seeking discussion...
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I dunno... I see some great advice and information, with personal experience to drive it home.

Different strokes...
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