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Marketing Failure and Why Trump Won2072

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If this thread gets out of hand I'll take the heat.

It's not abt who is better or worse or the future of America and all that ... but why one won and the other didn't.

It's IMHO abt Marketing ... sorta.

The message was so overwhelmingly in favor of Hillary winning that I think too many people stayed home who might have voted for her otherwise.

The message was so overwhelmingly anti- Trump, that old white guys took it personal and even they (the old white guys) didn't particularly care for him, they didn't like seeing one of their own attacked so viciously and relentlessly, that they (the old white guys) took it upon themselves to defend him ... with their vote.

The left-wing media overplayed their hand...

What think you all?
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In terms of marketing... It came down to one word. Clarity.

Think about it and answer:
- What was Trump's message?
- What was Clinton's message?

Trump's message was loud and clear and consistent. To make America great again. It didn't matter if he didn't had a plan. And his rhetoric helped. Just keep repeating the same messages. Again and again.

As for Clinton's campaign. What was the message? I didn't really get it. And it was boring...
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As a Canadian I have an outside point of view on the Election last night. Donald Trump had no political experience as a Governor or even a municipal council position. What does he have?

Too many politicians today are lawyers with very little or no business experience. Donald Trump has very little formal education experience and probably not a very high IQ, but he does have a lot of street smarts including a high level of business experience. To solve the economic problems in the USA it helps to have some solid business experience.

There is something that I'm concerned about. I think that the Donald is capable of breaking the rules. In Canada I attended one of his real estate seminars where in the end his company Trump University was selling very expensive real estate courses to unsuspecting seminar attendees. Unfortunately, apparently there is now a class action lawsuit against Trump for Fraud.

It should be interesting now if the Keystone Pipeline originating in Canada will go ahead. And, what about the Trade deals with Canada and any other Countries? It should be very interesting at the very least!
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That's all fine and dandy. Things will be different for a while.

I think had the media machine moderated their efforts better they would have had less backlash from the opposition and more participation from friends.

What do you think?
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@Belew There is some similarity between Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada and Donald Trump in the USA. Their marketing strategies were focused on social media Twitter activity with millions of followers Both had a huge amount of personal appearances taking a lot of selfies. Both have rock star personalities and above average amount of enthusiasm. I don't think that any moderation by the media would have made a difference because both of these guys are fearless, very confident & media savvy. They were both in the right place at the right time and as a result very difficult to defeat.
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The problem for me was that Hillary stole so many votes from Bernie Sanders that I swore I'd not vote for a corrupt person like that who got the Dem Party in her pocket and thought she could just waltz into the White House like a homecoming queen.

Trump is a total jerk, but even as an extreme liberal that I am, I hated everything about her. She's a war hawk, for sure, corrupt to the core with so much drama. I wouldn't have crossed the street to get a selfie with her. And I am really left of left.

If you can't pull the lever for your party's candidate then nobody goes out to caste their vote. Also, she used the sorry condition of the voting machine situation to her advantage. Imagine how Bernie Sanders must have felt by having to hold her hand and support her after what she did to him!

So, I think it was a matter of, for me being a woman, that I do not want the first woman president of the US to be a war hawk. People talk about feminine nature being from the heart, but having apparatus down below doesn't give you a heart in your chest.

Seriously, the more I learned about Hillary Clinton the better Trump looked. I just hope they don't give him the code; he might just see if the button is working properly.
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I just watched an interview that made me feel a lot better about the Trump victory. Said things I had never heard of, especially at the end of the interview.

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Michelle Obama for President 2020.
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The thing I think would help a lot is in this post I wrote earlier today. I think it may have a solution to taking our country back without anyone getting arrested.
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I hate talking about the election, even though I liked the outcome. The problem is the media can spin this thing anyway they want. And this is like religion. It's all about your belief system. What you want out of life. What you THINK a politician (attorneys) are going to give you. I'm telling you one thing about politicians. They say what you want to hear. That's all. Trump is not a politician. Hillary is. I don't care who you voted for, all I care about is the result. If he can give me some good results, I'm all for him. Obama didn't give us good results. He wrote a lot of executive orders, but here's what all this boils down to. Government is not all about them. We the people are supposed to tell them how to run the government. Somewhere at sometime this all went away. They raise their own salaries, while other normal people like us, keep paying more taxes. When people finally wise up, they might learn that the Constitution is the only thing that we have to follow to get to where we want to go. Again I don't care about whether you're a democrat or a republican. All I want is someone in office who's not an attorney. Nothing against attorneys, but any attorney from Washington is probably not a good thing. Again, I don't care about who you are, or who you think should have won. Doesn't matter now. All I'm saying is Americans deserve the best. You can read between the lines here if you want. If you don't, that's okay too.
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