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Member slaqjaw private msg quote post Address this user
Ah, the influence of good friends. I'm putting together a dedicated blogging site to run competition with my company provided real estate site, in part from the influence of the one and only Mr. Belew. Here's the initial debate question... to go http or https. From some of my digging, it appears Google is trying to encourage things to go the route of https and is granting a slight SEO increase to sites on https. The big questions are 1) Is it worth the slight increase in SEO and 2) if Google is starting to push it now, will the weight they give to https only increase as time passes.

My issue is this, since I'm at the beginning of creating my blog, should I start it off as https and save the hassle of conversion should Google start significantly stacking the deck toward https SEO ranking?
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
I went for the SSL option as any added benefit in terms of SEO is worth it... as an added benefit you are also less likely to get hacked...

If you have a workpress website you will notice that your admin area is almost under constant attack, with SSL you will notice a massive decrease... that's my experience.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
Search will always stack the deck towards good content.

http and https won't matter all that much in search...for now.

Go for secure. Go for pleasing your readers.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
There is a lot of misinformation about http vs https floating around and, frankly, most website owners and almost all website visitors know little or nothing about it.

Personally I think Google is making a mistake in taking the position that all websites should be https. It may be providing a false sense of security and may play into the meme that if you protect everything you protect nothing.

As far as getting hacked, https plays little or no role in prevention. Further, it causes many to think, once they have it, they can collect and store credit card numbers and other personal information freely. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

But, what Google wants, Google usually gets, so we will all likely need to make the switch at some point.
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Member tammysoffices private msg quote post Address this user
It is interesting to have this conversation b/c I have discussed with my website person and was told I had no need to be https b/c I am not selling anything. I recently put my ebook up on the site, however, so that may be a concern to some in downloading it. Used to be only needed the https if selling so it was secure.

So, now Google is going to penalize those who do not have the security certificate? Do anyone know in general how much it costs to put that up?
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Member slaqjaw private msg quote post Address this user
Tammy, I've come across different pricing. There are different levels of security, the basic one costs around $245 for the year through the hosting service I use. I checked GoDaddy and they offered one level at twice the price.

Bill, definitely agree that content is king. I'm also looking at how competitive real estate is on the Internet and figuring every little bit of help is welcomed as long as it doesn't cost more than it produces. My thought reflects Revs, if the ball is starting to roll that direction, get ahead of the curve and let others play catch up.

Now all I have to do is figure out what in the world I'm doing with WordPress to get the biggest bang SEO wise! Still learning, still getting head aches!

Bill, oh yes, Dave and Valerie say "Hi!" Saw them at the CBC reunion on Saturday.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

If you are using WordPress, I wouldn't stress over SEO stuff. WP is SEO friendly out of the box.

I was at the reunion. I didn't see you there.

OK, I am kidding. I wasn't even close to being there.
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Member DansCartoons private msg quote post Address this user
I have implemented https on my cartoon database simply to show potential visitors and clients that I care about their privacy. For instance, I also have a sign-up section for people on my ToonBlog where they'd be alerted to any new posts. More importantly, I implemented https for keeping hackers out. Secure sockets layering (SSL) is essential if you're selling work or products directly on your site. Like Steve mentioned, a lot of hackers try getting into WordPress sites. Whether or not http vs. https is better than the other shouldn't matter.....I mean, I am certain Google will figure that out later. Do what protects you though. My host offered a "free" SSL certificate as part of my sign-up package so I took advantage of it. Another way to deter hackers, point your web servers to your domain through CloudFlare....if anyone is curious about that, look it up. CloudFlare offers a free package and then tiered packages that cost money of course. I took the free offer as an extra-added measure
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Member Chessie private msg quote post Address this user
For the past several months or more, we have been given notice that one feature of the website theme, which allows the menu titles (Blog, About, etc) to flash from one color to another when clicked upon,will no longer be available unless we switch to https.

I don't understand why that would be the case unless it allows hackers to more easily access the dashboard on WordPress. offers SSl certificates for either $49.99 per year (verifies domain control and secures your site) or $99.99 per year (suitable for ecommerce).
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Member DansCartoons private msg quote post Address this user

You may find a web host that offers you free SSL certificate upon signing up with their hosting plan....keep that in mind. It's an incentive that many hosting companies use in order to attract new customers. It sounds unusual for a place to tell you that unless you switch to https a certain aspect of your site won't work.....never heard of that. I use a place called Bulwark Hosting and in fact, my cartoons online are hosted via the cloud through Bulwark (they offer clients the option of cloud hosting). If you'd like, fire a direct msg. and I could supply you with specifics
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