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How do you deal with rejection?2031

Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
I am aiming to get as many rejections as possible ... sorta.

I figure the more rejections I get the more likely I will eventually get an acceptance.

It can take me 1-2 hours to put together a proposal. Even so, head is down and apply I will ... getting rejections along the way.

I learned from a new friend that it took her 9 months before she got accepted.

Who'd a thunk? I haven't even been at it for 9 days.

How do you deal with rejection?
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Member peterneeves private msg quote post Address this user
Have been in and out of sales for many years. I can only share what works for me, may or may not help.
Number one is that it is not personal. Your proposal, project, or idea has been rejected. You have not. And even if they reject me explicitly, what others think of me is not my business. Could be worse if they think too greatly.
It's a numbers game, so I better know the numbers. What do I expect my conversation ratio to be? How is that tracking? If off of expectations, why? What can I learn?
Every no is one step closer to yes. Sometimes no means not now. Sometimes no is definitely no. That helps, waste no further time here.
Lastly, I need to stick with winners. If I am around positive people who are trying their best I will do the same. Around complainers, I better change that in a hurry!
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Member tracy private msg quote post Address this user
I think of rejection as a learning experience. Depending on who I am pitching to, I might ask what they didn't like about the pitch; this helps me craft are more targeted pitch the next time. I also try to take as much as I can from the experience. As @peterneeves says, it isn't personal. (At least, not usually.)
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
Doesn't the work only ever start once you've received a rejection... up until then your simply an order taker ...
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Member alexchan private msg quote post Address this user
Rejection is just part of life. It's part of the Law of Averages. If you think success rate is 10%, so the more rejections you get, the closer you are to getting a bigger absolute 10%.

Like peterneeves said... it's nothing personal. I've rejected others often. If not, I'll be walking out with a new car everytime I walk into a car showroom.

After rejection... sure you feel down. But after that, move on.
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