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How do you maintain Quality Control?2024

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I had to call my insurance company back because they failed to charge me.

I asked the guy how i could be sure he'd follow thru this time.

He said I'd have to call back again this week to make sure = i am their quality control.

I tell my clients they have full editorial privileges. Is that the same thing? Am i making them my quality control arm?

How do you do it?
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@Belew - never thought of quality control when it came to insurance, but thinking back, I am always chasing companies to finish up or send the right products.

For clients, I double check everything they send me and follow up with them. Still, I am amazed at what the clients fail to provide so that I do have to chase them.

Quality control? I am afraid that it is entirely up to you for both those that you serve and those that serve you.
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Any time someone says "If you are not satisfied bring it back and we'll make it right" you/I become their quality control arm.

It is cheaper for them to do things over than to pay people to ensure their service/product is done right the first time.

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