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Should I jump in?2013

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I am a travel agent. But soon will be 64 and like FUN and Happy like many today.

So stumbled on this, but am more interested in playing than working and I like honesty and transparency.

So if you have a group and need a travel agent to pull it all together for you, WE can work together for our mutual beneifts and satisfaction. Also, I am always looking for more friends too. Love social media and the changing world.

So have a great day. My Name is Steve Wilner and forget the other format questions........and who are you?
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

What brought you here?

How can we help?
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Member tammysoffices private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome Steve!
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Member stevew407 private msg quote post Address this user
Do not recall ever seeing the email alerts or replies. Just came back on something else. So here is a quickie to just get started. Besides Travel also doing Airbnb too. Love to travel and have fun and want residual income or pennies a oage I saw today, but I think we know you can't get too much for free or without work? Something for nothing but what about the easy sales of a lot of hot air that is referred to a bit on these forums? I bought the $99 website and distributed it but never made a SALE that I KNEW about ......I do see that you are better at measuring and managing things or hope? So here is a quickie from today and know it needs to be improved .....but the website is driven by others too

That is part of my issues too......did that link and work or not and why not?
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