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Blogs aren't the #1 thing?1969

Member rcayeras private msg quote post Address this user
In an indirect way, I think this guy is saying blogs are #1 - but be diligent about why and how you want people to see your site.

The #1 Reason Local Blogging Fails And How You Can Increase Website Conversions Alternatively
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Member seoapexpredator private msg quote post Address this user
If I'm reading Marshal Adler's strategy correctly... he never said "blogging is wrong", rather the timing and execution of the content strategy needs to be consolidated first.

I'm of a similar mind as I state in these two articles:

Essays on your genre are the kind of text articles required to earn Google Trust


Sales Copy is Sales Repellent ( if you don’t rank yet )

I'm beginning to think many of us are getting caught up in semantics and narrow definitions of terms:

Alder did say "put blogging on hold"
I take that to mean "put YOUR definition of blogging" on hold

I consider a blog to be just a form of an article that happens to also have an RSS feed.. an essay is an article, sales copy are articles.. text is text, I see no requirement to define "blogging" so narrowly
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Member rcayeras private msg quote post Address this user
@seoapexpredator Interesting articles, good arguments - thanks for sharing.
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Member seoapexpredator private msg quote post Address this user
As I re-read this.. the author, Adler does specify "Local Blogging" and the bulk of the discussion both on the comments on the article published on Linkedin and here seem to be reacting to a narrow or even pre-conceived definition of what constitutes "blogging"

From an SEO's perspective here in my home state of Maryland, Google seems to favor "keyword phrase+geographical area"

but in parts of Texas the algo seems to favor "geographical area+keyword phrase"

I started primarily in Frederick County Maryland, local folks here simply refer to our geographical area as simply "Frederick"

they seem to insist on content and domains titled "Frederick this or Frederick that"

yet when one enters a keyword phrase into Google, the autosuggest obviously favors "keyword phrase" in Frederick Md

What I'm getting at is Adler is talking about Local blogging
and I'm adding that it's the algorithm that is not only half of your audience.. it's the bigger half
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
Never put blogging on hold! To suggest so ignores the fact that all too many people already put blogging on hold for such non-consequential reasons as a favorite TV show, bowling on Tuesday night, feeding the teenagers, entertaining Mary when she comes over for coffee in the afternoon, and how many others.

If your website needs fixing, fix it. If it needs finishing, finish it. (Of couse, a website is really never finished!) But do it between blogging. Don't do it at the expense of your #1 traffic driving asset. In fact, use the same inspiration, the same energy, even the same research undertaken and applied to blogging to push a little extra and add to, update, or repair a bit of the website while you are at the blogging thing.

And well written, authoritative, SEO-correct articles can, and always should, be for your human audience -- first! Indeed that should be the primary target from the get-go. Write for your human audience, your REAL audience, in a way that is acceptable to Googlebot. Miss that concept and all your SEO efforts are for naught.

Don't let the allure of SEO techno-speak seduce you from the primary purpose of your online presence. And don't think Google doesn't know about this, either. Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, and Hummingbird, four of the last six major Google algorithm shifts, were all about this exact thing.

It's also why none of my clients who were following my approach took a negative hit from any of those (or other) algorithm changes. Today's Google is more about user experience and content authority than it is just about techie stuff.
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Member rcayeras private msg quote post Address this user
@Rev thank you for the confirmation. Much appreciated (albeit a late appreciation).

It (finally) reminds me of something Bill said before he started this forum - write blogs. When readers start complaining about your web site, then make time to fix it.

Depending on the level of complaints, it may give some insight about what people are expecting from your site after reading your blogs.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
I get asked the same question in various forms.

"With limited time and resources, where should I start?"

I'd start with a blog.

Where would you start?
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Member MartinTolovski private msg quote post Address this user
I don't think that Seth Godin would agreed with the "Blogs aren't a thing" thing
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

I think that even after the blog has turned 20 years old it will still weild a bug impact...

You either write a blog and convert it to a video or ... create an infographic... or something you create will get blogged abt.

Blogs are king for me.
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