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Have you ever paid for voice-over intro?1913

Member tammysoffices private msg quote post Address this user
I am looking at having someone do a voice-over/introduction for videos I am planning. I just want a quick audio clip that I can add to a video introduction that I am making. This will play prior to my coming on the video.

I found someone on Fiverr I like (of course for what I want it is more than $5 but still pretty great price - $20 if I use him). I have not made a commitment yet as I had a couple of questions for the person, so thought I might ask all of you, with much more experience. I appreciate it.

1. I wondered if anyone else had ever done this before and how was your experience?

2. Also, if you have done this, do you mind sharing what service did you use (and if do not mind sharing cost that would be great)?

3. Do you have any advice or suggestion regarding this topic (ie: don't and do's?)?

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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

1. Be sure you hear the person's voice before you commit/pay.

2. We have a couple of voice-over professionals in this group. @jgerk is one.
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Member KimSutton private msg quote post Address this user
I haven't but am about to. The voice of Shark Week and I connected through Twitter and he will be recording the intros and outtros for my podcasts which are launching in August! He's invited me to be present (albeit virtually) while he's recording so that if I want anything changed he can redo immediately. I thought that was pretty awesome.
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Member jycmba private msg quote post Address this user
@tammysoffices - I use voice over artists from Fiverr, when the videos call for a female character. My vocal range is good, but not THAT good!
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Member jgerk private msg quote post Address this user

I am one of those voice over artists on Fiverr.If you go to you will be able to hear my voice via video.

Happy to work with you.Fiverr easy to use and you pay up front.

I do 150 words for $5 and more with mutual agreement.

Best wishes

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Member tammysoffices private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for all of the encouragement everyone. I would have expected it to be pretty pricey but surprised at what you can get on fiverr! I will check out your site on there @jgerk and see if your voice will fit what I am looking for - thank you!

@KimSutton let me know how it goes for you! That is awesome, I was surprised that the one I was looking at has done National commercials that I have hear. Is the Shark Week announcer really pricey?

Thanks for the advice @Rev - I did hear samples, so as long as it is him, that is good (and he had really good reviews).

@jycmba it is good to know someone else does use Fiverr with good results. Will see how it goes! Thanks again.
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Member tammysoffices private msg quote post Address this user
Hi - just wanted to update this thread and let you know that I did purchase voice over on Fiverr and was so pleased with the outcome! In fact I purchased a second one from him.

I will tell you, however, that I also needed an update for my logo and after such great results with the voice over, I thought I would try Fiverr again. This time, the results were awful! I just depends on who you get, I suppose.
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Member jgerk private msg quote post Address this user
This is such a shame Tammy,I think that most people find a voice they like and stay with that artist.

I take it that you read all the reviews of the voices you chose?
Of course you need to find a reliable source, one who delivers what they say they will. I too have had bad experiences with different aspects,once paying a lot for virtually no return. I also think bad press gives the big time professional actor voice over artists fuel to the fire, as they understandably dislike the service,feeling Fiverr cheapens their profession.

Charges by the larger companies such as and Voices U.K. charge anything from $100-1,000's for the services of their employees Compared to Fiverr charging vastly lower amounts.

I once read that Fiverr is a good vehicle for practise of your voice over art.

Having said this, I am happy to deliver a decent voice over service that clients seem to be happy with and achieved on my home professional recording system costing hundreds,and not the thousands that the big guys would pay for a recording studio.
I hope the bad experience hasn't put you off a voice over from Fiverr.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
FIVERR is like most social's a whole lot about relationships.

One difference with 5r is that there is the expectation to exchange money. On other social networks there is more trickery involved...or not.
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Member tammysoffices private msg quote post Address this user
@jgerk I think you misunderstood me. I had a GREAT experience for the voice over services. It was the artist to get help with my logo that I needed to be re-done. I would have loved to use your services, except that I needed a male voice. Sorry for any confusion, as I had a great experience with my voice over person and even purchased a 2nd recording.
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Member jgerk private msg quote post Address this user
So glad that's sorted.
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