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How do you coach your clients to do things?1896

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I was talking with a propsect today.

I told him, "I dont teach ppl how to do things, I show them how I do/did them."

I came across a line in a book I am reading abt Coach Wooden.

"He taught you by demonstrating."

How do you coach your clients?
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"I dont teach ppl how to do things, I show them how I do/did them."

Definition of a mentor.
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First I need to lock on to their wavelength. I don't tell people how to do things. I do hold up a mirror, sharing what I see and sense about them and their question, using 5 cards initially, and without benefit of prior knowledge. Then I invite feedback or questions and we point the conversation, and it is a dialogue, seeking the eureka moment.

The client can then choose how to act on the findings, knowing the inputs were not simply somebody else's 'opinion.' I used a visible process as well as an invisible process, in order to access those findings, which they are in a position to validate immediately, using that as the basis and a yardstick for the rest of the conversation

People do what is in them to to, in the way that comes naturally to them. But I can share a sense of the dynamics at work, and the odds of a given outcome, and where this chimes with something in their gut, suddenly they have the words they were searching for, and can decide what to take away from a reading and how to use it, but they decide this for themselves.

I used to teach. I have trained and worked in career counselling. Now, I go looking for thoughts and feelings, and if I can find the right words for what I find, the client takes the pen away and writes the next page or even chapter of their own story.

It's an active oracular reflecting. (Pic is my own)

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