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Hello, it's good to be here. What a treasure trove of experience and ideas.

I am in the UK, the Lancashire coast in NW England, and work from home as a intuitive card reader, and personal and business counsellor.

I read face to face if you are local, and by email, telephone and Skype handling personal, professional and business questions. I also occasionally handle animal communication questions. I will consider any question so long as it is legal and ethical. If I feel I cannot help, I will say so.

My chief focus is supporting problem-solving and decision-making. Readings are not to be regarded as a substitute for legal, medical or financial advice, serving rather as an adjunct, and while my work includes forecasting, this is not the same as prediction and takes nothing away from free will.

It is unusual work and sometimes misunderstood. What I do is nothing to do with faith or religion, but is the deployment of a powerful innate intuition, trained to a skill level, used to access insights to help and support my clients. It is about empowerment.

I have been doing this work professionally since 2006 and previously worked in Education (teaching Business Studies and Design Theory) Marketing, Recruitment and Museums.

I see so much talent in the world; challenges met with courage, resilience, humour and grace. Everyday heroism as a well-known saying goes, is often that quiet voice that says, I will try again. It is my honour to work in the service of that spirit.

I tweet as @tacticaltarot
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How did you get started in the niche that you serve?

I am always interested in the back story?
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Hi Bill

I had always been aware that my father had ESP but no-one in my family has done this kind of work. He worked as an academic and I mistrusted my own ESP when I became aware of it. Of what help or use to anyone, I asked myself, were such experiences as dreams of precognition?

But I became ill in my early 30's, and found myself dealing with chronic pain and facing life in a wheelchair, and the doctors had no clear answers.

There followed a hard struggle with myself, and the ESP came to the fore in a way that was so constructive,useful and comforting, that when a family member handed me a deck of Tarot cards one day saying, you know you are psychic, Katie, why don't you just get on with it, and try these? I was off out of the gate.

I taught myself, reading first for myself, then for family, then friends, then friends of friends. A hospital stay kept me very busy. No chance of boredom. Patients came wandering in, asking for readings. I woke one morning to find a nurse sitting at the foot of my bed wanting a reading.

One day a journalist asked me to take part in a magazine feature, reading cold under observation, and I learned that I could deliver on demand, and if I could not get out and about in the world as easily as before, still, I could be part of it, and be able to contribute something particular.
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Welcome from one soul-bean to another!
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Hello Thank you for the nice welcome. 'Soul-bean'. Heheh. I hadn't considered the legume aspect, but why not, indeed.
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