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This is email I recently sent. I guess it's tacky including the client's name - but it did open my eyes to name branding and social media.

What's the plan for youtube? it's an easy place to publicly save videos, and provides an easy way to link those videos to wordpress (including the waiting-to-be-done blogs).

What is on youtube - on one hand it looks like a few old videos from 3+ years ago, but the logo shown was selected for last year's DAC (shot glasses and espresso cups). I guess someone is managing that channel.

I see part of why you don't want to use the old name RTDA. The first batch of postings - several pages - are for vaping.

PS: The company is 20 years old - I'm pretty sure that makes it older than vaping.

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I had to look up the word vaping. 8-)

Do you think branding is essentially name recognition?

Branding is part of marketing, indeed. But I think it's a tough call to measure ROI on branding efforts alone.

Or is it?
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I assumed name recognition is part of branding.I'm not sure what the rest of it is.I doubt how great a name you choose for your business is the sole reason your business fails or succeeds. The only consideration I can think of - like RTDA - what is your product and when you do a web search with a (potential) business name, what do you find?

I found it humorous to see vaping/e-cigarettes dominate youtube. It doesn't dominate web searching for RTDA, but it is a strong competitor for attention.
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