There's a 6-part series of webinars starting tomorrow (3/1).

Here's the outline.

Webinar #1 - March 1st 12 noon Pacific

Title: 5-step strategy to online success - A Grandma and Her Retired Cop Husband Beat Macys at Christmas Time

Description: Learn the strategy this retired couple employed to not only rank in search for their niche but also to convert = sales. Their hobby is now their full-time source of income and more. I will tell you how we did it.


1. Reality: Examine real case studies to see what works online
2. Pertinent to you: See dramatic and less dramatic case studies but still real organic results.
3. The Plan: Know the 5-step strategy to online success.

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Webinar #2 - March 3rd 12 noon Pacific

Title: Conquering Marketing Overwhelm

Description: Create a flow of results realistically in your business using a renewed mindset, fresh practices and workable tools.

1. 2 blindspots you must become aware of to prevent overwhelm.
2. 2 practices to take on that will resolve your to-do list faster than most other tools out there.
3. The #1 foundation to build for greater enthusiasm, power and productivity in your business.

Webinar #3 - March 5th 10 am Pacific - Mark your calendar.

Title: How I Made Twitter My 2nd Best Source of Traffic

Description: In 6 months, 1625+ Tweeps visited my site, spent on average 2:30 seconds, and 34 joined.
In this webinar I will tell you how I did it.


1. Learn how/when to grow your Twitter following
2. Learn how/when to automate tweets to your Twitter account
3. Learn how/when to get Tweeps to your site.

Webinar #4 - March 9th 12 noon Pacific - Mark your calendar.

Title: Marketing Engines that Convert to Clients 24/7

Description: The concrete steps to deal with building a realistic engine for your own business
1. Making your message compelling enough to get paying customers.
2. Engaging people when they first come to you.
3. The important mindset to maintain that will increase your confidence and attract paying customers.

Webinar #5 - March 10th 10 am Pacific - Mark your calendar.

Title: How to build your own online tribe around your niche topic

Description: In just under 2 years I went from zero to 1500 forum members, 26,000+ users and 57,000 sessions.
In this webinar I will tell you how I did it.


1. Learn the 8-prong approach I used to grow my forum
2. Learn the benefits of getting user generated content
3. Answer the question - is it worth it to try and build your own following online

Webinar #6 - March 12th 10 am Pacific - Mark your calendar.

Title: Pathway to Breakthrough - A concrete step by step plan to create outstanding results


1. 3 reasons why people get off track in the plains - how to avoid these
2. What systems to have in place to ensure success
3. What are the primary steps to take to make the next 12 months your best ever in business

We are excited to lead these webinars for you.

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