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These kids are getting paid a whopping $5 per gig and giving $1 to fiverr.

A 10% discount means I save 40 cents, which is much less significant to me than it might be to some of the 5r folk.

That being said, I was trying to find a more efficient way to ask one guy to do multiple links and not have to send them one by one = troublesome.

He countered by offering to promote 5 links for the price of 4 = 20%.

I am guessing that over the course of months or even a year ... $400/month x 12 = $4800 x 20% = $960. It's worth it.

Point - you can negotiate with the 5r peeps.

I have also learned that they are real people, of course. And things don't always go so smoothly as you, or I or they might expect.
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Absolutely - that's the point I've been trying to make.

Most people see Fiverr as a source of cheap labor. I see it as a source of referrals.

Business "networking" tends to be a lot of chat and passing of contact info, but rarely lead to any business. Money talks, bull- walks..

Instead, think of Fiverr as a way to connect with both buyers and sellers of leads.

Most of the time I'm doing custom orders on there - i.e. orders more than $5 based on someone asking me "hey, can you do this..?"
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I fell in and out of love and in again with 5r over the years.

When I saw recently how involved you were @jycmba, I gave it another look.

To be sure there are shysters on 5r..but there are everywhere.

I have even put on a thinking cap to see how/if I can do smth there... just to see if I can or not.
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Like a lot of platforms it has had time to mature, I suppose.

My first encounter was awful but that was a couple of years ago.

Apart from one bad incident I can see how much potential it has to offer.
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