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Hello everyone.

I need help in resolving a Wordpress issue

I presently run a sports blog ( dedicated to the Arsenal Football club and have just bought CHAMPION,a sports theme from stylemixthemes.You can see the preview at which is what i am trying to model the blog to look after

The challenge is this - how can i re-install the theme on my blog in such a manner that i still get to keep all the articles/database on the blog since the present developer is not doing it well and i have contracted it out to a guy on fiverr that has proved himself by deploying it on a test site
In other words how can i move the development done on the test site to the blog and still keep my articles intact

Thank you

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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

I see @Rev is writing a reply.

He knows the answer. I will defer to him.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

It depends on how much change has been made to the raw theme you want to use. It might have been easier to just activate the theme on your existing site and make the necessary changes there. Or, it would have been worth engaging someone who knew how to use a proper development site that would first import your content from the existing site so the development restore would have put you right where you want to be.

Okay, so you're not in that space, here's what you could try:

First... BACKUP your current site with a good backup plugin, or through CPanel, in a manner that will ensure the ability to restore it should the need arise.

Next... EXPORT your content from the dashboard: Tools --> Export and save the resulting file.

Now... IMPORT that file into your development site. You should acquire all your content (including images) and have a working install on the development platform.

Finally... migrate the development site to your normal hosting platform and you should be ready to go.

If this fails, you have your backup from step one, right?

My best advice to you is to set up a working relationship with someone who knows what they are doing -- so you don't have to ask questions like this one -- and Fivrr is seldom the place even though it may seem that "cheap" is good. If the Fivrr guy screws up your site, what's he going to do about it... give you your five bucks back?
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@toyino @rev makes a great point.

Find someone you can trust to do the work. Trust means you have some recourse in case things go sideways.

I love the point @Rev makes. "...what's he going to do about it...give you your $5 back?"
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Even I agree with @rev.
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