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When New Year's Resolutions Die. How's Yours1585

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How are your resolutions for the new year coming along?

Now is abt the time they die each year ... in the 3rd week.

Have you made any changes? How's it working for you?

This year I resolved to remove my cell phone from my night stand and put it in my office to recharge. Each evening at 7 pm or so I plug my smart phone in to recharge and leave it there till the next morning.

Gosh ... and I have survived, as have those I thought that needed to hear from me right away.

So far so good on this one.

How you doing?
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I don't make new year's resolutions (NYR). That way I never break any!

Actually, the first part is true but my reason is different. I don't map out my life in traditional time blocks. What does the beginning of a calendar year -- a calendar, by the way, that has changed many times over the millennia -- have to do with my personal or business timeline and the goals I need to set for myself.

I suspect most NYRs fail because people make them just because it's that time of year and without consideration to their real needs, goals, aspirations, and work schedules. Taking on any commitment under those terms is a near-perfect blueprint for failure.

So, I make resolutions when it is appropriate to do so. I set long term, and short term, goals accordingly. And I map out and follow the necessary strategies to guide me along my journey of success.

It's been working OK for me. I share this and other "no box at all" concepts with my students, too.

"The time to get a map is before you go into the woods."
- Brendon Burchard,
Author, Motivational Speaker, High-Performance Coach.
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I learn to reduce my frequency to check my cell phone and email.
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