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Who Knew That Bill Belew was so Famous?1576

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@Steve's got nothing on me.

Bill Belew gets his do as well. Bill Belew is pretty famous, too it seems.

Bill Belew designed costumes for the king (little 'k'). Not THEE King. Elvis. Needs no last name Elvis.

Bill Belew also designed costumes for the Osmonds.

Donny Osmond said in an interview, "Yes, that’s how we knew Elvis — through Bill Belew. Bill designed all of Elvis’ and ours at the same time. went to one of Elvis’ closing nights at the Hilton, which was his stomping ground."

Just one problem. It's not this Bill Belew. It's that one.

But that Bill Belew is dead and I am not ... yet.

It took me a long time before I started outranking him in search. 8-)
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I have a DJ/Musician and an Orthopedic Pediatric Surgeon hogging my glorious name . Humor intended- there should be a Highlander- Google Edition.
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