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If you would like to find out how to provide your SMB clients with a social media dashboard in your branding I'd love to connect with you and teach you how to set this up and begin marketing it.

Without this being salesy - I want to make connections and show you how awesome this is, so in a nutshell this is what it can do for your company:

- An awesome white label social media dashboard for your SMB clients to use in your brand running off your domain name.
- Give it to your clients to use for free.
- Upload your adverts into it and find out who clicked on your adverts so that you can send targeted marketing to them.
- Make a residual income from your clients that upgrade to a paid for version (you set the price).
- Your clients see your brand every time they log in.
- It is free for you to set this up.

If you would like to take a look at the customer facing dashboard please create a free account here[/url]

I'd love to get to know you and am happy to answer any questions about the service.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

My bet is thst many here don't even know the term white label.

What is it? Who would use it?
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Member Retortal private msg quote post Address this user
Historically we have worked with web designers, SEO agencies, digital marketing agencies however we are now working with much large organisations that have large SMB client bases.

White label means that the dashboard has your brand and never ours on it. You run the dashboard on your domain name and it has your logo on it.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

I know what white label is. 8-)

I am thinking how to explain it to the beginner.

Do you have an example we can see? A success story of someone/s who have done it?

Can you break down the process for us?
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Member lunar_ranger private msg quote post Address this user
@Retortal Well you got your forum link placed and have made your pitch. Teach us something!
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Member Retortal private msg quote post Address this user
We have worked with companies that a new startups up to international brands. Some that haven’t ever sold social media and others that are experts in it.

Creating a reseller account is really easy – simply fill out this form and my team will get you setup. They can brand your dashboard and give you instructions on how to link your domain name to it. We provide loads of advice, training and ideas on how to begin marketing your dashboard all within your reseller dashboard.

An example of one reseller was a company that had never sold social media before (previously they sold SEO and website design), they introduced the social media free signup as their first introduction email on a marketing campaign which had the best take up of any email they had ever sent. They have over 8,000 small businesses on their email marketing list and they saw over 10% sign up for a free account off the back of one email.

From there they have adverts running inside their social media dashboard advertising their other services, including the content writing service that we provide.

We have seen other resellers that have much more established brands and better email lists that have seen as high as 26% signup rate to their free social media dashboard from one email.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

You are selling ... pushing us to your site.

Plz teach us.
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Lots of startups and individuals are resellers with us. Social Media is a growing industry. In 2015 we carried out a survey on over 3,000 small businesses to ask them how they are marketing their companies. 61% said that they are already promoting their businesses on social media and over 70% said that they had never heard of a social media management dashboard which means that their is still room in the market to provide a social media dashboard.

The reality is that Hootsuite is the largest social media provider in the world but their dashboard isn't easy to use and many small businesses give up as it is too complicated to use.

We provide our resellers with email marketing templates, training documents, and work really closely even setting up cnames redirections to get their domain names linking to their dashboard.

What else would you like to find out?
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Member Retortal private msg quote post Address this user
To break down the process it is really easy:

- register a domain name is you don't already have one
- sign up to be a reseller
- provide a logo and connect your domain via cname redirection
- read our Resources section to learn how you can market the service
- use the dashboard to see how easy it is to use.
- upload some banners for the other products and services you sell for your free users to see.
- start encouraging people to sign up for their free account.

Once you have free users we will:
- encourage your users to upgrade to a paid for version (you set the price)
- if they upgrade to a pro version we handle the payments, invoicing, and failed payment chasing and we transfer your profits on a monthly basis.
- if they stay on the free version they see your brand all over the dashboard but they also see your advertising.
- you can extract the users that click on your adverts and send them targeted emails pitching your other services.
- if a free user runs out of credits on their account (some of the tools have credit limits on the free version) they can share a tweet/post/update with their followers recommending they use your free social media dashboard - therefore expanding your reach.

This is the process and it takes no time at all to get this added to your portfolio of services.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

You continue to tell us how Retortal works.

But you haven't told us what white labeling is.

One more try.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
Why would I want to move from WP?
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Member Retortal private msg quote post Address this user
A white label product or service is a product or a service produced by one company (Retortal in this instance) that other companies (the marketers) rebranded with their logo and colour scheme to make it appear as if they had made it themselves.

@SusanDay this isn't a replacement service for WP it is a social media dashboard that you (and your clients) can use to plan your social media.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
Oh I see. Sorry it's early here and I am half asleep.

I have found sm dashboards to be confusing in the past.
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Member morrnel private msg quote post Address this user
White label and private label are the same. One is confusing the other is not.
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Member morrnel private msg quote post Address this user
@retortal, explain it as if I am a twelve year old.
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
@Retortal teach me... how you use social media to grow your business... without of course spamming forums ..

Would love to see how you are using your dashboard, social media to grow your business.
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@Steve I'll use Twitter as an example, you need to ensure that you are tweeting regularly (for a small business you could tweet up to 10 times a day and not upset anyone) as it is all in the timing - did your followers see your tweet when you tweeted it. This can be really time consuming so a really easy to use social media dashboard will help you plan your content in advance so you can then top up with 'live' content whenever you feel the need.

The use of hashtags on Twitter and Facebook is important to find new followers and have people join in a conversation. Analyse any hashtags that you are using (we have a tool inside our dashboard that identifies which ones have generated the most amount of traffic to your website) and use the ones that work the best for you in terms of increasing your followers and also driving traffic to your website. Don't self-promote constantly, include interesting hints and tips that your audience may find interesting as well as news articles. You can also target new followers by looking at a competitor's followers and then follow their followers. A good percentage will follow you back which will grow your audience.

Pictures paint a thousand words and images are more likely to go viral on social media. With this in mind you can create professional looking images to appear with your social media content either in PhotoShop or if you don't have PhotoShop and you are using our dashboard you could use the Visual Composer - this is a really easy to use professional image creator. How it works is that you upload your image then select a pre-designed template which you can easily adjust colours to match your company's branding, you can drag and drop the position of the wording and adjust the colour and font that is used and you can drag and drop the image into the correct place so that it sits nicely within the template. It is a slick tool and one that is loved by the people using our dashboard.

Churning out content can get dull and tiresome and coming up with with engaging content isn't always easy. Sometimes people look at their competitors in their local area for inspiration but they might not be that great at writing inspiring social media content. We have the most incredible tool which makes locating already successful and engaging content really easy to find. You type in keywords that are relevant to your industry, it then goes off and looks at the most successful Facebook pages in terms of likes, you can then look at their most successful content (it looks at the most amount of likes, comments and shares so you know that it is engaging) which you could then use as inspiration to use on your own social media accounts.

We have thousands of people using our dashboard on a daily basis under our reseller's private label accounts, they are using the tools in the dashboard to grow their own social media accounts and on top of that it saves them time as then can plan content that is going to go out, therefore keeping their social media feeds active even if they are too busy when they are running their business to even think about social media.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

Please don't take offense at this. It is meant to be helpful.

What I see in all of your posts above is salesy, pitchy, buzz-word rich, rhetoric that seems designed to impress without giving much away. It is from the old marketing paradigm and seldom suitable for today's online engagement.

Perhaps it works with your big corporate clients, but it is wasted in social media, including forums like this one.

If I may be so bold, go back and read the responses of most everyone else in this thread and see the number of times words relating to "teach" (including that word itself!) were used. Take a step back and rethink your entire presentation. It's about teaching, sharing, engaging -- giving something (information?) of value that is meaningful to your target audience.

When asked to explain or teach you simply doubled down seemingly attempting to make your canned presentation fit the box, much like the proverbial square peg in a round hole. You need to get outside your comfort zone, think "outside the box" as they say -- or as I prefer, have "no box at all" -- and spend a little time identifying the make up of your audience before you jump in.

I expect there are a lot of people here interested in what you have to offer. You just need to repackage -- re-purpose -- your approach.

All the best. Seriously!
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Apologies, I come from a sales background so I don't feel I came across very well here. I have worked long and hard on this post to you with a much better understanding of white label - also known as private label so I hope this comes across better:

White labelling (also known as private label) pretty much does what it says on the box: white label products and solutions are those manufactured and provided by one company and then repackaged, rebranded and resold as another’s. They’re kept pretty quiet by their resellers, but put ‘white label’ (or ‘private label') into a search engine and there’s infinite pages of solutions, products and services ready to be fully branded up as your own.

White label services can either add a whole new branch to your company or be an entire business on its own. As a white label provider, here are some of the tips we offer our resellers on how to set up their own white label business which can be applied to any white label company:

Integration - The first question you need to ask: which white label solution is right for your business? Are you adding a white label solution to an existing company? Will it complement your existing brand or will this stick out like a sore thumb? If you’re looking to launch a white label product as a standalone business, keep in mind: what are you familiar with? Do you have the expertise and experience in to be able to confidently sell your product and offer post-sales support? Generally white label service providers are pretty hot on post-sales support themselves so you will not be abandoned once your product is set up, and don’t feel bad about getting in touch. At this initial decision-making stage, talk through your options or go through a demo – is the service easy to use? If you as the expert can’t figure it out, how will your customer?

Branding is vital setting up a white label product – not only does your new product need to complement and make sense amongst your existing products and services, but it needs to be a seamless fit. This is definitely something to bring up when chatting through your demo – exactly how will your product be rebranded? Where will your logo fit? How do they integrate colors, fonts, etc.?

Marketing - Utilize all the resources you have available to you. To tap into an existing customer base, we recommend email marketing. Your customers already care enough about your brand to have provided you their details and they trust and know you. Kick off your product launch with a special offer and an email campaign, and back this up with social media marketing to reach out to a broader audience. Be not only active on social media, but proactive – which social media networks are your clients on? Are they higher level execs on LinkedIn or in their twenties on Twitter? Strategize and market your white label product launch as you would any other – it mightn’t be your product, but it’s your brand that will be seen.

Upselling - Some white label products work off a freemium model. Your product is, in fact, free for both you and your customer with the option for them to upgrade to a ‘paid for’ level with extra benefits, and you pay when they pay. As reseller, you’re charged when they’ve upgraded, which remains a low set price each month, but you’re able to mark this up for your end-user as you see fit. Some white label providers even handle the payments and invoices under your brand and pay you the profits...

Our advice: you know your customer and you know the products/services you already supply – is there an overlap? For your existing clients, you know their companies and their budgets, you already know what they’ve got and why. How does your new product fit amongst their set-up? Is it something they’ve been after a while? What immediate benefits would it offer to them? The key as with any form of sales is knowing your customer just as intimately as you know your product.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

You went above and beyond here. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

White labeling can be an excellent branch to a business that doesn't have the resources to create their own line.

For example, for me, it makes much more sense to purchase a white label from someone who keeps their videos up to date on how to use WordPress. The platform changes. I can't keep creating new instructional videos nor do I want to. Instead I would purchase a white label, brand it as my own, sell it and let the creators keep it up to date.

Is that a good way to use white label products?

Thanks for the time you put in to create this thorough explanation.
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@belew I think that how you are using the videos is a great example on how to use a white label service.

In many cases white label products and services come into best effect if it is too time consuming or unprofitable to provide the service yourself - take writing social media content for a client - easy for one or two clients but get to twenty clients and you won't have time to get more on board to grow your company, unless you hire someone to write the content (expensive) or use a white label service.

Therefore adding your brand to another's product or service means you can focus on marketing and sales therefore earning a higher profit and growing your business.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

Spot on! Thnx again for the time you took to explain this... very educational.
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