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Best ROI Cases from Business Blogging1568

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I think that it was getting a little too quiet for Bill, so he's been trying to stir up trouble.

Okay, I'll offer a bit of my own - besides writing for the 31 day #My500Words challenge on Medium, I've been hanging out at Quora a lot.

Here's a question that seems ideal for this forum..
"What are the best ROI cases from business blogging?"

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Member ozairakhtar private msg quote post Address this user
@jycmba I would love to look in to it as ROI is an important factor in business.
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Member Jonnner private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @jycmba

Good of you to raise this topic. I share @ozairakhtar's interest in ROI.

However I am not that far along with my Website and blog. I am still focused on trying to better understand .... How the focus of my content can be managed to best market different aspects of my consulting business; i.e. executive coaching for startups vs advisory services vs corporate development services. Product sales and ROI are later concerns.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

This is a great question. AND I have case studies of business owners who added blogging to their mix only to the point where it began generating leads which became business that resulted in income.

It is good form to calculate time invested and divide that number in to income. For blogging much like all other jobs you need to look long term. It takes a while to see your return.

And how far back do you go? I spent 20 years in Asia learning abt Asia before I started writing abt it. Should I count that?
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