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The forum was launched on May 23, 2014.

To date, there have been:

11,479 users
40,599 sessions
134,312 pages viewed
214 full days of somebody on the forum.

There are:

1,545 threads
15,826 posts.

However ... you can only go back and look at the last 6 months.... until now.

We have gathered a list of ALL the threads and their links to date.

We put them in an excel spread sheet and added instructions on how to search the forum ... even those threads older than 6 months ... by topic and by popularity.

Please Paypal me a whopping $10.

wcbelew ... at ... gmail is my Paypal address.

We will send you the excel file. Manually ... not automagically. Please be patient.

That simple.

I am not trying to make a killing with this. I just hope to recoup some of the costs for the hosting of the forum.

If you want to send more than $10, I'll take it.

Most of all ... enjoy diving in to some great stuff.

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What a response! Not what I expected or could have hoped for.
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