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Are you a fast or slow blogger?1540

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This morning I went out to feed the small animals and I scared a kangaroo off the property. It only took four effortless bounces to clear the fence and cover about 40 metres (yards).

Inside the vegetable garden (which has now been re-dedicated as a rescue guinea pig area - long story) I came across the garden's resident shingle-back, blue tongue lizard.

By the time I put food down for the piggies, cleaned their water bowls and shooed the dogs out, the lizard had managed to turn itself in a 180 degree circle in an attempt to head back to the potting shed where it lives.

It made me think about two different approaches to blogging.

Do you run like a bull at the gate or are you more methodical and deliberate?

BTW - I took this pic of the blue tongue lizard earlier this month.

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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
When I first started out blogging, I wrote 15 articles every day of abt 200 words each. Every, every day.

I could read, think, write, format and publish in about 3 hours.

I got to one point where I could read and start writing at the same time.

I was writing about business in Asia and Japan and an education blog. I'd find articles on education in Japan and rewrite it in 3 different ways.

Or, I'd find something about Japan and write about it from a Japanese perspective and Asian perspective and then mention what I had learned about it in the US school system.

I did a LOT of repurposing to make my daily quota of 15.
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
I'm in between the bull at the gate and more methodical and deliberate.
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