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16 Pro New Year's Resolution You Should Keep1533

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Posted at the content marketing pounder Hubspot.

Great ideas for the New Year plus resources to help you keep them.

Establish and Keep an Electronics Free Zone
Write Something Every Day
Improve Your Design Skills
Master Excel
Listen to One Podcast per Week
Hire New Teammates

Share awesome resources with others <= click thru for the other 10.

But more importantly...tell me here what New Year's Resolution You Plan to Set and Keep Next year.
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It's a long story that I love to tell. But it's a long story. And if I wrote it here ... well, it'd be long.

I have learned when it comes to goal setting, there are two kinds of people.

The 1st kind are people who say they will or want to do something, then set up to do it. They promise to give their best efforts, work as hard as they can and try their utmost.

The 2nd kind are people who see that something needs to be done but before they set out doing it, they ask themselves one simple question. "I wonder how long it'll take?"

In the 2nd group it's a matter of time to accomplish a goal, NOT a matter of effort.

When you create a goal, do you set out to do your best or do you calculate to see how long it'll take, resolved to see your goal achieved?
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