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In June of this year, I started doing the @Steve after watching his WEBINAR - Getting Real Followers and Engagement on Twitter.

I had 11,400 Twitter followers. Today, I passed 55,000.

Skeptical as I was ... these followers do engage. They do join in discussions here.

Is this a long-term strategy? @davidz doesn't think so and time will tell if he is right ... or not.

In the meantime, I am not the only person who employs such a strategy.

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your re-twit or favorite counts on each post are almost zero. No engagements. Possible, twitter's algorithm is not smart enough (maybe that is why twitter is declining) and you are not big enough for a human to examine your account. It is obvious, it looks like the typical bots or spam account.

Don't know how much risk you are taking on your adsense account. If you are making a lot of money from your adsense, then be very careful. Many people got their adsense account banned and then ask why. (I know I am saying something unpopular here again).
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Good observation. Engagement can be 0.4-0.7%....which is typical across the board and better than Facebook.

What is important to me is not retweets or favorites. What is important is profile visits. And click thru from profile visits to my site.

You are tracking the wrong numbers.

Adsense and twitter have no relation.
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surprised to know your tiwtter engagement is better than facebook. For most people, it is the opposite. Last year fb engagement was already twice as much as twitter. This year 2015, fb interaction rates went up even more. The theory is that when you have less bots and spam, there would be more interaction. For example instagram does not allow link spams, it has the best engagement. My fb engagement provided me with a steady number of real fans. Each time fb purged fake accounts, I did not lose many fans. Also if your fb has fewer fake/bot fans, it would give you more feed/engagement. I believe this should be the number to track to build your long term brand. Of course if you want short term profile visits or click thru, then adword or a spam solution would work. However once you stopped the adword or your spam, then all your previous efforts are not contributing to your long term marketing.

For the adsense risk I mentioned earlier: I assumed your twitter click thru to your site would benefit your adsense earning from your site. If you don't do that, or if your earning is not large, then just ignore my comments. But if your adsense income from your site is significant, then you need examine the quality of your traffic source. Adsense's "Policy department" has a very good AI program. I assume it can trace your traffic to the original source--the twitter bot account.
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No sooner than did I reach the milestone and praise the app we were using than did the app break. Their support doesn't respond via contact, Twitter or any other way.
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