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It never occurred to me growing up that I needed a coach.

When I was in high school I made the football team. My brother who was one year older and loved football more than I didn't make the team didn't. My dad 'asked' me to step away. I did.

I think I missed out on a great opportunity.

In the Navy, I was so different from the other junior officers no senior officer offered to take me under their wing resulting in me just flailing along.

When I went to Japan, I mailed out (stamps, remember them?) to more than 30 veteran missionaries to ask for advice. No one responded.

I tried to have a coach...but never got one. Consequently, for good and for bad, like Popeye, "I ams who I ams."

All pros have coaches. They have coaches for different aspects of their games.

How about you? Have you ever had a coach? How'd that work for you?
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I've accepted instruction and input from a number of great coaches over the years. And a few not so good. The latter I simply forget about and move on.

My father was my first real coach. Not just in his role as a dad, but he went out of his way to teach me things I would need in later life. Even now I find myself doing something and wondering, "How did I know that?" only to realize it was dad who planted that knowledge so many years ago.

Early on I found several excellent coaches and mentors, most you have probably never heard of; Leo Straus, Jim Janz, Bill Laing, Lee Wood. Each a success story in their own right but, above and beyond all else, with a passion to share with others. Most are gone now, or not working professionally, but I still use what they taught me and am thankful for it.

Then there were the well-known greats like Anthony Robbins, Rich Devos, Bob Proctor, Harv Eker, Joe Vitale. I have been both honored and blessed that they were each willing to share a little with me.

Of course there are others that I have only read or heard by way of recording. Some who stand out are Jack Canfield, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hanson, Louis Hay.

In recent years those whom have had the biggest effect on me are Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Bill Barens, Lou Dalo, and Eben Pagan. The latter two I am working with currently.

And, while I still (and likely always will) have at least one coach or mentor of my own, I now provide professional coaching and mentoring to select clients myself. Hopefully I am successful in sharing both what I have learned and in applying my own personal analysis and take on the material.
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Totally jealous of your experience. Do you think it is ever too late to get a coach?
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I just started working this week with a lady in her 70s. I am going to be pressed to keep up with her. She was ready now and I was here. Nothing "too late" about that.
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@Belew - the only times it's "too late" are when you're six feet under and when you decided "I already know all that.."

I think I'll start a thread on the flip side of this discussion..
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