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When Core Confidence is Shaken. Then What?1480

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What do you do when your core confidence is shaken?

I do a LOT of presentations. I think/thought I was pretty good at it.

Today I did a presentation to a law firm in San Francisco.

I checked with the HR manager on my way out.

"You did nothing we exepected. As a trainer you should do a much better job."

And it went downhill from there.

How do you recover when your core confidence is shaken?

Got tips?
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
Even professional footballers don't kick goals all of the time... what you do is sit back and think of all the successes you have had and drawn your confidence back from those.
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Dont listen to them. You are passionate about what you do and this is the most important. You speak from your heart trying to teach all you know.
They expected to hear polished up B.S. but instead you tell them gritty details and hard work.
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Besides the default response of doing nothing, there's always two main choices - to crumple and be crushed or to pick yourself back up and learn.

When people have told me that my speaking could be better and even offered suggestions, I took it to heart. What most don't see is how much time and practice I've put into speaking.

It's like tango lessons I've learned. The best dancers make it look easy. What the audience doesn't see is how much time was spent to make it look "easy."

In the end people don't care. Your friends might. But no one else will really.

My teacher used to say that we should dance with everyone. While I think that's a great ideal, I realize in the end that I'm not for everyone. Some followers would complain that my touch was too light. Others loved how they barely felt being led.

Some will, some won't - so what? Someone's waiting, as the saying goes!
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

Thx! I was singing your success thus far yesterday in the weekly call.

Keep up the good work!
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The problem with makING things look easy to do is that people think it is easy to do.
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I agree with many of these statements. Bill, Howard University School of Divinity has moved to the Law Campus. As a person who is around lawyers (and judges) all of the time now, I am inclined to point out that that type of response was extremely unprofessional, unethical (all lawyers must take an ethics class) and uninformed. Obviously, the HR person or another lawyer did not do proper research or they would have already had the gist of how your presentations flow. Lastly, you're different on purpose; that's why you're successful. The students and staff at Howard still sing speak positively of you & reference your presentation regularly. The issue was not you. It was them & shame on them for not appreciating your time and effort. Although untraditional from what they're used to, they still could have learned something.. Clearly "humility" must be unacceptable & not practiced in that school.

I can't go away without saying this last thing. Jesus is the epitome of "not getting what you expected". His powers were only weak in his hometown... because the people didn't believe in him. They judged Jesus's practices wrongly, bearing false witness against him (which is a sin), disabling him from blessing them with miracles. With that said, shake the dust off your feet, brother Bill, and go to the many towns where your gifts and talents believed in, utilized & appreciated.

Your encouragement assignment today will be to listen to "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift at least 3 times. You must dance at least once by yourself and once with your daughter.

Blessings to you Bill! Thank you for blessing so many of us by choosing to not put on a show & just be your lovable self. Peace!
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user

I haven't seen your name for some time. But did the memories come flowing back when I did! What fun to wake up in the morning and see your name in my email thread.

And the very kind words to boot! Thank you for the real pick-me-up this morning to get me on my way. And the reference to Jesus.

I am back in the saddle, on to the next project, wishing and wondering when I might be back in your area or you will be in mine.

Monty was here not long ago and will be here again in January - to stay he says.

Thanks again!
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